Fire at TECO Kuangyin Plant Causes No Casualties


A fire broke out at the Kuanyin plant of TECO Electric and Machinery Co., Ltd. yesterday afternoon (July 16), which was contained in one hour without causing any casualties, with the financial loss still under estimation. TECO reported that manufacturing of household air conditioners, mainstream product in summertime, remains intact.

After breakout of the fire at around 15:20, on-duty workers immediately notified the fire-fighting unit and firefighters arrived at the scene at 15:28 before putting the fire under control at 16:10. The fire erupted on 2nd floor of building B, site of workplace for home-appliances maintenance, instead of production line, and didn't extend to other buildings. Fortunately, it was a holiday and workers were off, main reason for the absence of casualties. Cause for the fire is being investigated.



TECO reported that the fire doesn't have any effect on production of mainstream product household air conditioners. The factory building inflicted by the fire is mainly for the production of refrigerators and water-cooled packaged air conditioners. Despite some influence on capacities, inventories of finished products are sufficient to meet demand, which, plus adjustment in supply chain, will minimize the effect. With plant building and equipment being mostly covered by insurance, actual loss is not large according to initial assessment and the actual amount will wait for appraisal by insurance firm on site.