Happiness in TECO

Compensation and Benefits

TECO (Dongyuan) is a big family. We provide comprehensive employee welfare benefit plan, because it is our responsibility to provide a benefit plan that encompasses all facets of life. An employee welfare committee has been founded to offer the greatest degree of help to our employees. We prove our hard-working colleagues with just, fair and immediate salaries, so that they may demonstrate their abilities in a comfortable working environment. TECO also hopes to participate in every big moment in our employees’ lives, encouraging them to build a life-long career at TECO and achieve a good work-life balance. TECO respects plurality in gender and culture, disregarding factors of race, skin color, nationality, gender, sex orientation, age, marital and familial status, disability or pregnancy, and political stance or religious belief in employee hire, performance evaluation, and promotion, to assure workplace equality.

Compensation and Benefits

Compensation and Benefit

  • Well salary structure
  • Various kinds of incentive bonus, including annual bonus, profit sharing etc.
  • Fuel allowance and business trip allowance
  • Salary increase program


TECO upholds the principles of honesty and integrity. Those joining TECO are insured with labor insurance, health insurance, and employee/dependent group insurance, which provide employees the basic protection.

Pension Fund

In accordance with new labor pension, when the new employee on boarding, TECO will immediately enroll him/her under the pension plan. The company would contribute additionally 6% of the salary to the staff’s personal pension account each month so as to provide protection for staff’s retired life.

Food, Clothing, Housing, Transportation

  • Cafeteria
  • Shuttle
  • Dormitory for single employees in the plants
  • By showing the employee ID card, employees can enjoy discount at cooperative stores

Marriage/ Child-Birth Gratuity

TECO is one big family, so we celebrate joyful occasions with all employees. When employees or their children get married, or when employees have children, TECO extends our congratulations, along with a marriage or child-birth allowance from the Employee Welfare Committee.

Funeral Allowance

When tragedy strikes employees or their families, TECO mourns with them. In the funeral, TECO will send condolence banners or wreathes, as well as condolence allowance, courtesy by Employee Welfare Committee.

Language Training Subsidy

To encourage staff to learn foreign languages, TECO provide a subsidy for language training, excluding English and Japanese. An employee who self-studies the language can apply for reimbursement for purchasing language books.

The Employee Welfare Committee

  • Welfare allowance (gift) of three major holidays
  • Birthday cake or gift
  • Memorial gift for retirement
  • Mr. Qian Shui Mu memorial scholarship

Home Appliance Discount and Installment Payments Program

At TECO, you don’t have to worry about it. All home appliances are available for employee purchasing and at an employee discount. On top of that, you can get to pay in installments, interest-free! Now you can get rid of those old appliances and no worry about busting your wallet for a new one.

Medical Allowance

If employees are hospitalized, the Employee Welfare Committee provides a hospitalization allowance, as well as medical subsidies for serious illness or injury cases.

Events related to employee fringe benefits

Holding of events related to employee fringe benefits, such as family day, domestic travel, sports event, employee-club events.

Leaves not mandated by the Labor Standard Act

Leaves not mandated by the Labor Standards Act, such as welfare leave, public-service leave, and birthday leave.

Working Environment

TECO’s head quarter is located at Nankang Software Park and has three plants in Chungli, Kuanyin, and Hukou, which serve as manufacturing and R&D sites for business units. The sites are not only convenient but also a safe working environment. We have obtained the certificate of ISO14001 and the certificates of OHSSAS18001 and TOSHMS in order to enhance the safety and wellness. We also actively practice fire protection and emergency training regularly. Moreover, we've received many honors and awards, such as best companies to work for and outstanding workplace. Here, you can work safely and happily.

Staff lounge
Staff lounge
Gym Facility
Gym Facility
Training Room
Training Room

Headquarter & Plants in TW


“ At TECO, we take work–life balance seriously! ”

Out of humanistic concern, TECO has held events with various themes, such as sports or literature. Meanwhile, we have held employee travel and familial day periodically, enabling employees to enjoy familial life in their leisure time. We deeply believe that balance between work and life makes a happy and productive employee.

Family Days
Family Days
Corporate organ
Corporate Organization
Sporting Activities
Sporting Activities
Festivals Activities
Festivals Activities
Flat friendly workplace
Flat Friendly Workplace
Sports meeting
Sports Meeting
Women's club
WAO (Women’s Ability Organization)