Electromechanical products

Category Area Contact Email
Motor Global Fiona Wu fiona.wu@teco.com.tw
Inverter Global Fiona Wu fiona.wu@teco.com.tw
Decelerator Global Fiona Wu fiona.wu@teco.com.tw
Electric-car motor Global Colin Lu colinlu@teco.com.tw

Power engineering

Category Area Contact Email
Engineering and equipment Global Li Tsai-hsia kasumilee@teco.com.tw

Commercial air conditioners and home appliances

Category Product Area Contact Email
Product consulting and after-sales service Air conditioner and home appliances Taiwan Fanny Yang fanny.yang@teco.com.tw
Overseas Nexon Lin nexon.lin@teco.com.tw
Purchase consulting Commercial refrigerator Global Leo Lee leo80322@teco.com.tw
Air conditioner and home appliances Overseas Nexon Lin nexon.lin@teco.com.tw
Promotion & cross-line collaboration Air conditioner and home appliances Global Christy Tang christytang@teco.com.tw
Others Air conditioner and home appliances Global Christy Tang christytang@teco.com.tw


Category Area Contact Email
Micro-grid Global Bucks Lin yuanzheng.lin@teco.com.tw
Smart mobility Global Jeff Wu jeff.wu@teco.com.tw
Electric-car power train Global Colin Lu colinlu@teco.com.tw
HVAC Global Chuo Wen-hung gu2262@teco.com.tw
Power-train transmission system Global Ma Yu-lung malone.ma@teco.com.tw
Power plant Taiwan Kevin Wu kelvin@teco.com.tw
Global Malone malone.ma@teco.com.tw

Other services

Category Area Email
CSR contact Global csr@teco.com.tw
Investor Global ir@teco.com.tw
Media contact Global PR@teco.com.tw
Personnel recruitment Global teco-hr@teco.com.tw

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