"Ambitious" "Customer-focused" "Teamwork" "Integrity" and "innovatiON" are the five major values of TECO and formed the acronym ACTION



TECO has spared no efforts in talent cultivation via provision of an internationalized stage, complete training and education system, job rotation, and overseas assignments, standing at industrial forefront and linking up with the world.

by Leo, Human Resources Center

Since its inception over 60 years ago, TECO has won the trust of consumers for its multitude of products, adhering to a steady but not conservative management principle. TECO is also in quest of constant transformation and innovation, in order to seek growth along with its employees

by Ray, Sales & Marketing Division

At TECO, I can exercise my expertise fully, not only strengthening linkage with customers and offering them trustworthy technologies and merchandises but also contributing to the development of Taiwan's energy industry.

by Jack, Energy Peoduct Business Unit

With high regard for R&D talent, TECO boasts abundant R&D strength, as evidenced by the acquisition of domestic and overseas awards. When it comes to work-life balance, for instance, TECO has flextime policy, enabling employees to plan and enjoy leisure activities.

by Ching-khang, Teco Group Research Institute

Rooted on motor manufacturing, TECO has diversified into a wide range of businesses, such as civil engineering, green energy, and air conditioning and other home appliances, offering employees ample room for career development.

by Jason, Smart Automation Division

At TECO, employees have ample room for exercising their potential. From product planning to launching, the process gives me distinct sense of achievement and uphold my work enthusiasm.

by Max, Household Appliances PM team


From campus recruiting and international internships to Job Fairs, TECO takes every opportunity to find potential talents. We want you to know more about TECO and look forward to sharing our recent achievements as well as our future corporate direction. As long as you carry the TECO DNA, you are welcome to joining our family and growing with TECO.

The Company observes principles of fairness, impartiality and integrity, following government regulations in recruitment, selection and employment of all its staff regardless of race, class, language, thought, religion, political affiliation, place of birth, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, appearance, disabilities or past union membership. The Company recruits talent based on professional ability and the capability required for a specific position.

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After you update your resumes/ CVs, if there’s suitable job vacancies, HR will arrange further interviews via phone calls or E-mails.

Hiring managers and HR will conduct online or offline interview. According to different job requirements, the interviews might be more than one time.

About 2-4 weeks, HR will inform candidates via phone calls and emails

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A1. Within one to two weeks after delivery of resume, human resources center would make preliminary reviews of the resume and contact the applicant via phone calls, should there be proper opening, for making appointment for interview. Otherwise, it means there is no proper opening for now.
A2. Yes, you can do so via the company's online resume platform, since TECO has an advanced hiring system, according to which you can apply for retention of a specific position without actually reporting to the job for now.
A3. Except Taipei headquarters, the company has arranged dormitories for singles, boasting cozy accommodation at low rentals, and good management. Newcomers can contact human-resources unit for the benefit beforehand. Meanwhile, there are employee cafes at the headquarters and factory premises, offering diversified menus. The company's policy is to provide a complete working environment for employees.
A4. TECO has a prevailing business network, spanning electromechanical systems, electromechanical engineering, and home appliances retailing, with overseas units distributed in over 100 cities, more than 40 countries, and five continents, making it cross-industry and cross-culture multinational. Backed by a steadily expanding corporate network, TECO offers an internationalized stage for talents in various fields to show their potential fully. Meanwhile, the company has spared no effort in talent cultivation, via both physical and virtual channels, offering incentives to employees attending training courses for various jobs at various levels. In addition, employees can take part in job rotation or even attend selection of key talents for overseas openings, thereby expanding the scope of their specialties and developing international perspective.