"Ambitious" "Customer-focused" "Teamwork" "Integrity" and "innovatiON" are the five major values of TECO and formed the acronym ACTION. ACTION is the fundamental work ethic of TECO. These five values penetrate into the daily life and work of each TECO employee. At TECO, ACTION is the genetic code of every employee.



Recruitment Activity

From campus recruiting and international internships to Job Fairs, TECO takes every opportunity to find potential talents. We want you to know more about TECO and look forward to sharing our recent achievements as well as our future corporate direction. As long as you carry the TECO DNA, you are welcome to joining our family and growing with TECO.

The Company observes principles of fairness, impartiality and integrity, following government regulations in recruitment, selection and employment of all its staff regardless of race, class, language, thought, religion, political affiliation, place of birth, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, appearance, disabilities or past union membership. The Company recruits talent based on professional ability and the capability required for a specific position.

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A1. Within 1~2 weeks, we would have the initial screen of the resume. If you are suitable for our job vacancy, we will contact you to make an appointment with you. If you do not get our notification, which means you may be temporarily not suitable for the job vacancy. However, you still can submit a resume for another job vacancy you may be interested in. You can also check the progress through the “inquiry of application status”.
A2. Generally speaking, our recruiter would provide applicants the application form with the interview notification. Please fill out the form and submit to the receptionist on the day of interview. If you are newly graduated, you would be advised to bring your school transcripts for the interviewer’s reference. You are also welcome to bringing any of your personal work for reference.
A3. After the interview, it takes two weeks to determine the results. For successful candidates, we will contact you first before beginning the hiring process. When we have completed our internal processes, we will call you to confirm an onboard date and send you an email as official notice. For unsuccessful candidates, you will receive an email from TECO. We thank you for coming in and hope we will have the opportunity to invite you to be a member of TECO in the future. Regarding second interviews, a decision is made by the supervisor. If you have not received any notice two weeks after the interview, you are welcome to contacting our HR Division at any time.
A4. We have flexible working hours at Headquarter. Generally speaking, employees work from 9 am to 6:10 pm with flexibility of one hour and take weekends off. Only a few positions or staff from the production department are required to do shift work. HR personnel will advise on this during the interview. TECO has enjoyed steady growth for years. It has become a transnational, cross-industry and cross-cultural enterprise. As a giant corporation that keeps moving forward, we need a group of ambitious and aggressive people to work with us and compete on the global stage. As long as you are willing to accept the challenge and are ready to develop your abilities, you are welcome to stand with us on the international stage.
A5. TECO provides dormitory rooms for single employees at three plants in Chungli, Kuanyin, and Hukou. New hires can check with HR Division for availability. In addition, both headquarter and the plants have staff cafeteria to provide various kinds of healthy meals. Working at TECO, you don’t need to worry about living and dining.
A6. We have a comprehensive training program to strengthen the required skills on the job. Moreover, we will accelerate the pace of the global expansion. As long as you have the talent, TECO is willing to provide a stage for you. The dual-track career paths, consisting of managerial and technical positions offer promotion and development opportunity for both generalists and specialists.
A7. TECO is devoted to developing new products, new business and new markets to diversify its business and maintain a competitive edge in the world. Moreover, TECO is also tapping into the green energy industry. Currently, TECO’s high efficient motor, energy-saving frequency converter and wind power generator solution have come up with solid results. Innovative and ambitious talents would definitely be welcome to joining us to break new ground and achieve long term sustainability.

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