Management team and internal organizational regulations

Management team

Sophia Chwen-Jy Chiu, Chairman

Sophia Chwen-Jy Chiu Chairman

The board of directors

After graduating from the College of Commerce, National Taiwan University, Ms. Chiu subsequently obtained a master degree in accounting from National Chengchi University and an MBA degree from the University of Michigan, Ann-Arbor. Before she joined the TECO management team in 1997..., she served as vice president in charge of business at the Taipei branch of ABN AMRO. Over the past years, she has served at TECO such stints as director of the financial department, assistant vice president of the home-appliances division, vice president, and president. During 2008-2014, she was assigned to undertake the chair of Asia Pacific Telecom Co., Ltd., enabling the beleaguered company to score 1.8 times in revenue growth and over three times in market value, against the odds. She became TECO's chairman in 2015, putting forth the objective of "energy conservation, emissions reduction, smart application, and automation," leading the company in march towards Industry 4.0.

Profile of Thomas Fann, TECO president

Thomas Fann President

Executive Office

He boasts abundant management experience with such stints as president of Ford Lio Ho Motor Co., Ltd., president and executive committee chairman of Jiangling Motors Co., Ltd.,an affiliate of Ford Motor in mainland China, and executive assistant to chairman, Foxconn Interconnected Technology Ltd. , ... on top of instructor at Taidah Entrepreneurship Center, president of AmCham Taiwan, and worksites spanning Taipei, mainland China, North America, and Europe. Fan assumes the presidency of TECO in April 2022, promising to bring new mindset and creativity to TECO's management team.

Kao Fei-yuan, General Manager

Kao Fei-yuan President

Green Mechatronic Solution Business Group

With a master degree in mechanical engineering from National Central University, Mr. Kao Fei-yuan joined TECO's motor production unit in 1994 before becoming the manager of large-motor plant of Wuxi TECO Electric and Machinery in January 2012, when he successfully introduced whole-plant... manufacturing execution system (MES), greatly improving productivity and delivery of orders. In July 2015, he was appointed as acting assistant vice president, in charge of the green-energy electric machinery production and research division, as well as president of Wuxi TECO Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. at the same time. By the end of 2016, he oversaw the completion of the Wuxi lamination center and high-performance automated electric-wire production line at Chungli plant.

Chang Sung-pin, General Manager

Chang Sung-pin President

Intelligence Energy Business Group

Mr. Chang Sung-pin graduated from the department of chemical engineering, National Tsing Hua University. He has 26 years of abundant technological and management experience in the fields of transportation, environment, and petrochemical. Chang joined TECO in 2002..., having served such stints as director of engineering project department, construction and engineering business division, special assistant to the power business division before becoming assistant vice president, in charge of power business division in 2011. His team has undertaken a number of major electromechanical engineering projects for high-speed rail, railway, mass transit system, large-scale commercial outlets, restaurants, office buildings, and hospitals.

Peng Chi-tseng, General Manager

Peng Chi-tseng President

Air and Intelligent Life Business Group

Mr. Peng Chi-tseng has a master degree in telecom engineering from the University of Pittsburgh and an EMBA degree from National Chengchi University. Before joining TECO, Peng had served such positions as assistant vice president of Tivoli SW (greater China region) of IBM and vice president and general superintendent ...for public business group for greater China of Microsoft (China). He became a member of the TECO team, having experienced such stints as special assistant to president and acting assistant vice president, overseeing home-appliances business division and the operation of related affiliates. At present, he oversees the introduction of IT software technology to help the company enter the realm of smart home appliances.

Ho Kun-yao, Director

Ho Kun-yao General Director

General Research Laboratory

Graduate of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, National Tsing Hua University, with a master degree from the University of Southern California and a doctorate degree in advanced materials science, the University of Tokyo. ...Ho boasts abundant R&D experience on motor products and technologies, thanks to such stints as director of Innovation Laboratory, Taiwan Research Institute, NIDEC Corp. of Japan and deputy representative of the Japanese office of the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI). Winner of multiple innovation and invention awards and owner of some U.S. patents. He is leading the team of the company's General Laboratory with forward-looking mindset, helping the company march towards the goal of innovation and intelligence. 

Victor Hsu, Assistant Vice President

Victor Hsu Assistant Vice President

Finance & Management Center

Mr. Victor Hsu holds an MBA from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, following his undergraduate studies at National Tsing Hua University. With almost 30 years of multinational management experience, ...he previously served as senior executives in several public companies, overseeing corporate finance, M&A, financial management, and business operations. Mr. Hsu joined TECO's management team in September 2023, taking on the management role in finance, accounting, business management, investment, and digital development.