TECO emphasizes great importance on the employees’ training and development. The annual training courses are well planned and executed. Comprehensive and various training programs enable the employees to learn required abilities and continuously develop their career with dual tracks. Succession plan can also be practiced well through Individual Development Plan (IDP). Moreover, our learning system was used for managing course information and learning records of staff. The system helps employees to manage their development effectively so everyone can perform their ability best.

TECO won the 6th National HRD Innovation Prize and Taiwan Talent Quality-management System (TTQS) Silver Medal Award by executing innovative training programs and human resources development strategies. “First-Class People, First-Class Products!” is the competitive advantage that TECO always insists.

Comprehensive on Training Structure

Under the comprehensive training & development plan of TECO, the company strategy, training needs and the talent development objectives are developed based on the vision of company. The objectives are not only to train staff to possess the required skills of their current job but also to build up comprehensive training road maps, which outlines the career development of each position. Besides providing the professional training, managerial training and general training , the company also offers trainings aiming at the demand of talents, aligned with future development of the company. Reading club, succession plan, key talent development plan, and oversea talent program etc. are the approaches to cultivate more future stars and key talents for TECO.

R&D Training & Development

Our R&D teams are the driving force behind TECO innovation. We value their career development. For some R&D colleagues who are performing their substitute military service at TECO, we also offer a structured training program, provide opportunities to participate in collaborative R&D projects and encourage them to retain their positions after discharge. In addition to offering trainings on general knowledge and skills, TECO also holds international learning sharing workshop. Application of specialized skills may solve problems and inspire new ideas through exchanges and brainstorming. You will not be alone when facing challenges at TECO. We are helping our R&D talents broaden their perspectives and train key talents in management skills, assisting with self-career development.

Diverse Training Sessions

We replace traditional lectures with interactive communication in class. Employees are motivated to discuss and learn from practical experiences. We also encourage exchange of skills and knowledge between employees through various workshops. The expatriates share their working experiences to explore international perspectives of TECO employees and prepare elite talent for overseas assignments.

To enhance employees' global perspectives and develop comprehensive strategic thinking, TECO Training & Development Center invites well-known scholars to give presentations on current events or share their experiences. Speakers have included Dominique Arlettaz, Rector of the University of Lausanne (IMD).

Systematic e-learning system

Our internal e-learning system offers our employees to look up courses and study records online. It also combines performance appraisal management and Individual Development Plan (IDP), assisting employees to plan their career and draw up own learning plan with their supervisor. Not only can the employees plan training roadmap by themselves on the system but also can join a range of study groups. In addition, the system provides the latest book summaries to encourage reading and learning.

Career Development

In accordance with employees’ career plan, TECO provides internal courses for employees to understand their career path and best individual development alternatives. TECO applies dual-track career and four job families (sales, R&D, technique and administration) to provide promotion and job rotation opportunities. Moreover, since the branches of TECO are spread over more than thirty countries, our staffs can have the opportunity to work under different cultures and work with international colleagues. Conglomerate business and diversified products, as expected; provide abundant career development opportunities, which prevents employees from being limited in a single field. Work with TECO, your talents, abilities and value will be spread.

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