TECO responds to the New Southbound Policy: Assisting Indonesian Enterprises Make Transformative Upgrading for Carbon Reduction


TECO Electric & Machinery has been in the Indonesian market for over 30 years, actively supporting Taiwan's New Southbound Policy and collaborating with Indonesia's green development initiatives to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2060.  During the “Taiwan Expo 2024 Indonesia” being held by Taiwan External Trade Development Council, TECO has showcased comprehensive green energy and energy-conservation and emissions reduction solutions, including high-performance motor drive system, photovoltaic energy storage solutions, and HVAC system energy saving solution, conforming to Indonesian government's policies of carbon-reduction and manufacturing industry upgrades. TECO will accelerate its expansion in the Indonesian market, enhancing the added value of exported products for Indonesian customers.

In recent years, TECO Electric & Machinery has seen a growing proportion of its business dedicated to green energy solutions and energy-efficient products. Sales of high-efficiency motors rated IE3 and above account for over a quarter of the combined revenue from the Green Mechatronic Solution Business Group. The company emphasizes a "one-stop service, comprehensive system solution" approach, aiding manufacturers in transitioning to green, smart factories.  TECO offerings in green energy and energy conservation/carbon reduction solutions include:

* High-efficiency motor drive systems: TECO has introduced the IE5 series of ultra-efficient motors, which have gained market acclaim for their compact size, high efficiency, and rapid response. When paired with intelligent energy-saving control, the system can achieve up to 30% energy conservation and power savings.

* PV power generation and storage solution: TECO's PV power generation and storage feature one-stop service, including a control system and energy management system (EMS), helping enterprises utilize green power flexibly.

* HVAC system energy saving solution: TECO provides a one-stop service, including high-efficiency chiller units, IE5 ultra-high efficiency cooling tower direct drive system solutions, and HVAC energy-saving control systems, which can increase the efficiency of air conditioning systems by up to 42%.

Through this exhibition, the company hopes to deeply penetrate the latest high-efficiency energy-saving solutions and green energy products to local market, particularly targeting the growing demand for the net-zero carbon in the manufacturing industry. Together with the Indonesian business customers, TECO aims to advance towards the country’s 2060 net-zero emissions goal.