TECO Forges Global Green Mobility Landscape: Expanding into Fast Charging Stations and Electrification of Modified Vehicles Market.


 The 2024 E-Mobility Taiwan expo kicked off today (April 17th), with TECO unveiling its latest offerings under the theme "Green Mobility Partner: TECO's Efficient Electric Vehicle Power Ecosystem." Alongside the introduction of the new "SiC High-Efficiency Direct Drive System" designed for 12-meter buses, TECO showcased its 130kW 2-in-1 powertrain system, already integrated into modified muscle cars in the United States. Additionally, TECO presented modular powertrain systems tailored for various applications including marine vessels, agricultural machinery, and utility vehicles. Chairman Sophia Chiu highlighted TECO's proactive expansion into the overseas electric vehicle market. She emphasized the integration of TECO's green energy ecosystem, which spans from energy storage and mobile prefabricated electrical platforms to diverse electric vehicle powertrain systems and charging infrastructure. Earlier this year, TECO established a new sales company in North America, signaling a strategic move to bolster its global supply chain. With ambitions to penetrate various application markets in mainland China, India, and North America, TECO aims to seize opportunities in sustainable mobility and green transportation.

TECO Actively Position Itself in North American Charging Station Market, Diversifying from Powering Trucks to Muscle Car Modifications

TECO's expansion of its EV-related products into the global market, coupled with its supply chain layout, has seen the establishment of a new sales company, NEXE, in the North American market earlier this year. Its primary offerings include electric vehicle charging solutions. TECO has announced its entry into the North American infrastructure market for charging facilities, having recently completed several public charging stations and school bus charging stations by the end of March. TECO's North American sales company is equipped to provide comprehensive charging station solutions, covering everything from the hardware and software of charging piles to communication, debugging, warranty, and daily maintenance. NEXE not only offers customized one-stop services for customers but also commits to providing rapid maintenance services within 6 hours. TECO-Westinghouse, a subsidiary of TECO, has established a production line for DC fast charging stations, scheduled to commence operations in the third quarter of this year. This move is anticipated to inject new momentum into green energy revenue streams.

TECO is actively expanding its powertrain system supply chain in the North American market, seizing new business opportunities. The company has already secured projects in the United States, adapting powertrain systems originally designed for 3.5-ton cargo vans for use in muscle car or used car electrification projects after performance modifications. These modified systems boast peak power output of 130kW and torque output of 250Nm, with additional gearbox assistance allowing torque to reach a maximum of 270Nm. During the exhibition, TECO extended special invitations to North American clients to share their experiences.

TECO Introduces Four Innovative Models of SiC High-Efficiency, Low-Loss Direct Drive Power Systems

TECO emphasizes its position as the first domestic company in Taiwan with independent research, design, and manufacturing capabilities for electric bus powertrain systems compliant with DMIT standards. This year, TECO has introduced a new product line of modular motor designs for direct drive power systems, leveraging SiC module technology for three major advantages: compact size, high efficiency, and high-power output. The power output of these power systems can be customized according to customer requirements, offering options of 200kW, 250kW, 300kW, and 350kW. These systems demonstrate the advantages of energy efficiency, low noise, and low maintenance costs for the entire vehicle. They are applicable to electric buses of various sizes, covering models ranging from 7 to 12 meters (with mid-mounted direct drive chassis), meeting the power performance demands of the North American school bus market as well. This modular system aids vehicle manufacturers in optimizing space utilization layouts and delivers outstanding system efficiency exceeding 97%. In response to the trend of high-voltage 800V fast charging, TECO also offers SiC high-efficiency drivers, boasting efficiency levels exceeding 99%, compatible with motors delivering peak power output of up to 350kW.

Introducing TP+: TECO Unveils Modular Product Series for Diverse Vehicle Applications

In recent years, governments worldwide have been actively promoting subsidies for vehicle electrification. TECO's TP+ modular product series has also embraced this trend. Beyond transportation vehicles, it caters to the electrification of ships, specialized engineering vehicles, and electric agricultural machinery, offering high-torque, low-speed power output.

TECO emphasizes its alignment with the trend of localization in the electric vehicle industry. On one hand, TECO is strengthening its global supply chain, while on the other hand, it is actively expanding its overseas electrification ecosystem. This ecosystem encompasses renewable energy generation, energy storage, microgrid distribution, electric vehicle powertrain systems, and charging systems. By leveraging the resources and networks of TECO-Westinghouse Motors in North America, the company is constructing a blueprint for the group's green mobility business.