TECO Honored in the Top 5% of "Corporate Governance Evaluation"


    Taiwan Stock Exchange has announced the results of the 10th session of the Annual "Corporate Governance Evaluation", wherein TECO (1504) has emerged as one of the top 5% among 952 listed companies, receiving the highest honor. This recognition underscores TECO’s long-standing commitment to corporate governance and its fruitful outcomes. Chairman Sophia Chiu expressed that the continuous deepening of corporate governance and the enhancement of sustainable development have always been TECO's consistent business philosophy, deserving shareholders' trust. The management team will persist in pursuing the maximum benefits for shareholders.

       Since the establishment of the Corporate Governance Center, TECO has not only appointed an dedicated supervisor but also mobilized over 20 executives and members from eleven units, including the Corporate Governance and Sustainability Committee, to jointly achieve the goal of corporate governance. In recent years, the company has also addressed the crucial issue of intellectual property management by implementing the Taiwan Intellectual Property Management System (TIPS), which has been verified by third parties. These achievements have placed TECO in the forefront of evaluation, striving to implement corporate governance standards and improve year by year.

       Internally, TECO has established a dedicated unit for promoting sustainable development. Its outstanding performance in various domestic and international sustainability assessments has become an added advantage in corporate governance evaluation. These include adherence to the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) framework, disclosure of governance regarding climate-related risks and opportunities, and investments in energy-saving or green energy-related environmentally sustainable machinery and industries.

     TECO has been continuously awarded domestic and international sustainability awards, including the Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA) for ten consecutive years, and has been selected for the Dow Jones Sustainability Emerging Markets Index for four consecutive years, as well as the S&P Sustainability Yearbook, making it a model among listed companies.

       Furthermore, TECO continues to support domestic cultural development, including promoting the inheritance and digital preservation of indigenous traditional chants and dances since 2003. With nearly 40 teams participating each year, the training hours exceed 10,000, with an annual investment of over NT$6 million. The highly acclaimed "Amazing Dancing & Music- The Performing Arts of Taiwan Indigenous People", with an annual investment of over NT$4 million, has been held for over twenty years. TECO stands as one of the few listed companies continuously investing substantial resources in domestic cultural development.