TECO Air and Intelligent Life business group hosted the “2024 Asia-Pacific Joint New Product Launch Event


Today, on March 29th, TECO's Air and Intelligent Life business group hosted the “2024 Asia-Pacific Joint New Product Launch Event" (including Taiwan, mainland China, Vietnam, and Indonesia). As a solution to the upcoming electricity price hike, TECO presented smart energy-saving air conditioners and refrigeration systems, offering both household and business appliances that meet Level 1 or above the Energy Efficiency Grading Labeling (EEL) standards and even assisting clients in increasing the probability of successful applications for energy-saving subsidies. Chairman Sophia Chiu stated that air conditioning and refrigeration are among the largest sources of electricity consumption in urban areas; TECO offers high-efficiency products and energy-saving solutions for refrigeration, air conditioning, and heat pump equipment in various temperature ranges from -55°C to 120°C. Aligned with the government incentive policy for low carbon and smart energy, TECO provides customers with comprehensive, One-stop services for subsidy programs, also contributing to the sustainable goal of reducing carbon emissions.

First AI-Powered Immersive Home Air Conditioners in Taiwan, Exceeding Level 1 EEL Standards

As a leading brand in Taiwan's air conditioning market, TECO unveils two groundbreaking products at its 2024 new product launch event: the AI household air conditioner and the hybrid solar HVAC.

TECO’s new AI household air conditioner not only exceeds Level 1 of EEL standards but also utilizes AI algorithms to monitor wind speed, temperature, humidity, air quality, and self-cleaning functions for both indoor and outdoor units. With AI dirt detection and a newly designed filter slot on top, consumers can easily replace and clean it without opening the indoor unit. To address the common issue of direct wind blowing onto users’ faces, TECO introduces the pioneering "immersive" air conditioner with a comfortable breeze technology that eliminates the discomfort of windblown. Combined with the new hardware design, it adjusts to the optimal body-sensing temperature, providing users with a natural and comfortable environment. Additionally, UVC ultraviolet sterilization enhances air quality, assuring the health of the household overall.

The Solar Hybrid HVAC system can seamlessly integrate solar energy and grid electricity usage. It employs a novel high-efficiency direct current MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) driver compatible with a wide voltage DC power supply, eliminating the need for additional installation of a solar inverter (PV Inverter). This reduces wastage caused by secondary conversion of power sources, resulting in greater electricity savings for users. Suitable for commercial offices, development projects, and social housing, it serves as a green energy advocate for future smart cities, effectively realizing a sustainable lifestyle through green energy and carbon reduction initiatives.

The AI smart energy-saving system Solution provides One-stop services for applying to subsidy programs

In response to the rising electricity cost across industries, TECO Air and Intelligent Life business group has launched a smart diagnostic service for air conditioning energy efficiency, assisting clients in drafting energy-saving plans to facilitate subsidy applications from the Energy Administration or Administration of Commerce. TECO employs high-efficiency HVAC, refrigeration, and magnetic levitation chillers, achieving energy savings of over 42% compared to traditional products, with construction costs reduced by up to 30%. TECO’s AIoT smart group control management system qualifies for government energy-efficiency subsidy programs, allowing TECO to provide end-to-end services from on-site energy planning to post-construction energy performance verification, with successful applications already setting precedents in the domestic hotel industry.

Introducing Full Temperature Range Solution (-55°C to 120°C) for Constant Temperature, Humidity, and Energy Efficiency

TECO Air and Intelligent Life business group launched a full temperature range solution (-55°C to 120°C) at today’s event; this includes -55°C to -18°C ultra-low temperature rapid freezing, and refrigeration, -18°C to 20°C cold-chain applications, 27°C constant temperature and constant humidity air-conditioner, and 120°C hot water processor. TECO’s 55°C to -18°C solution utilizes ultra-low temperature binary refrigeration systems to preserve the freshness and safety of foods while being low-carbon, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly. The "high-efficiency household heat pump with hot water/air conditioning/heating all-in-one" enables consumers to enjoy the benefits of free hot water usage. TECO's energy efficiency design, precise temperature control systems, and heat reuse technologies allow for a diverse range of applications, such as a true farm-to-table experience, high-quality electronic factory cleanrooms, hospital operating rooms, and five-star hotel heated swimming pools.

TECO Air Conditioning and Cold-Chain Solutions Expand to ASEAN Market

TECO Air and Intelligent Life business group has set an ambition for overseas expansion in the growing landscape of the ASEAN market. The line of products presented today will also be launched in China, Vietnam, and Indonesia, paving a future roadmap towards the APAC market that connects with the New Southbound Policy.