TECO Kicks Off High-Efficiency Motor Production Base in Vietnam


TECO Group inaugurated its high-efficiency IE3 small-motor plant in Becamex industrial park III in Vietnam's Binh Duong Province today (July 23), which will become the group's key production base in Southeast Asia, as well as a major smart automated production center, featuring environment-friendly process and smart automated production lines, according to Sophia Chiu, TECO chairman.

The company broke ground on the plant in July 2018, which is situated in a 4-hectare premises, with construction cost exceeding US$12 million. The plant boasts annual capacity of 200,000 units now, which will rise to 300,000 units in the future, mainly for supply to Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, as well as the U.S. later on.   

With a high regard for environmental protection, the new plant has installed continuous varnish treatment equipment and employed environment-friendly solvent-free varnish, cutting VOC s (volatile organic compounds) emission by 30%, curtailing air pollution. The use of a single oven for four production line results in over 60% saving in power bill. The Vietnamese plant boasts mechanized production lines for motor stators, with production efficiency 333% higher than manual operation. The plant features centralized paint supply and employs cutting-edge robotic arms, which can cut the use of paints by 10% and cleansing solvents by 80%. Thanks to QR Code-based management program, operators can change the movement of robotic arms rapidly and correctly, facilitating customized mass production.

Sophia Chiu pointed out that the Vietnamese plant embodies of the company's vision of "energy conservation, emission reduction, smart application, and automation," noting that it's the first overseas plant of the group whose automated monitoring system is linked with the Taiwan headquarters via IoT (Internet of things) technology, boosting management efficiency and production quality.

The plant boasts the infrastructure and expansion capability of Industry 4.0 and is equipped with a self-developed electromechanical equipment management system, capable of monitoring the operating status of equipment. It will introduce related logistics control system and even more advanced automated process and equipment successively, in line with the group's strategic development, thereby becoming the guidepost plant of the 50-hectare industrial park, dubbed "TECO Vietnamese Science and Technology Park." In line with the New Southbound Policy of the Taiwanese government, TECO will solicit quality Taiwanese companies to set up operations in the park, thereby forming an industrial clustering, to enhance the competitiveness of Taiwanese firms