TECO Donates 100 Mobile Conditioners to Screening Stations


TECO Electric & Machinery has donated 100 mobile air conditioners and 30 air purifiers to the epidemic screening stations of local hospitals, so that screening workers can work in a more comfortable setting during the hot weather.

The first batch of the devices was already delivered by Taiwan Pelican Express Co., Ltd., a TECO affiliate, to screening stations at the Hoping premises of Taipei City Hospital at 7:00 a.m. this morning, with the remainder to be shipped to other hospitals' screening stations in need within the shortest time.

Sophia Chiu, TECO chairman, pointed out that the devices will be provided to city hospitals in Taipei and New Taipei, notably Wanhua and Banqiao districts, with most serious infections, where screening-station workers are being strained by heavy screening works. The scope of assistance will be extended to other areas, if necessary.

The company's intention is to give timely relief to medical workers who are under heavy pressure, physically and mentally, amid the raging pandemic, thereby contributing to the ongoing fight against its unrelenting onset. The company has been engaged in the combat against the pandemic from the outset, including the rollout of smart UVC sterilizing robot, for application in public area, and UV-C air door installed at entrance of building for sterilization last year.