New TECO President Assumes Office


TECO Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd. holds a handover ceremony for top management today (April 7), when Thomas Fann swears in as the company's new president, succeeding George Lien, who becomes the company's advisor and vice chairman of Tongan Assets Management Co., Ltd., a TECO affiliate. 


Overseeing the ceremony, Sophia Chiu, chairman, expects the new president to create new forward-looking and carbon neutrality-related business opportunities and introduce and cultivate international talents, taking advantage of his veteran international management experience. Based on his years-long experience, notably in the automotive field, Fan Hsin promises to combine the company's technologies in e-vehicle powertrain, energy conservation, and energy storage for the creation of green-energy ecological system, providing customers solutions and value-added services to tap the climate issue-related global market. A priority task is collaboration with international firms to tap the global market for powertrain, according to Fan. 

TECO reports that the company's powertrain has penetrated the market of large e-vehicles, as a 3.49-ton e-pickup equipped with the device is undergoing test run in Taiwan and is scheduled to hit the road by the end of the year, mainly for logistics. Samples have also been sent to two Indian automotive manufacturers for trial use, as prelude for mass production of the product in India by the end of the year. With domestic orders already in hand, the company is also eyeing the markets for e-bus powertrain in Japan and Thailand.