TECO presents solutions for carbon neutrality at Hannover Messe


Hannover Messe, the world's leading trade fair for industrial technology, has been postponed for two years due to the coronavirus and is finally back this year as a physical event. TECO (1504) Group collaborates with European affiliate partner Motovario S.p.A., an Italian manufacturing company of gear reducers to present three main themes: carbon neutrality solutions, smart mobility solutions, and smart manufacturing solutions. Sophia Chiu, Chairman of TECO Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd., says TECO has prepared for related business opportunities while addressing climate issues and achieving carbon neutrality. TECO actively taps into the markets in Asia, North America, and Europe by promoting smart green factory solutions and developing modular electric vehicle systems, and wishes to save energy and reduce emission for clients worldwide.


Under the theme of carbon neutrality solutions, TECO has developed IE5 permanent magnet direct drive motors for the North American and European markets. The main application is in industrial cooling towers. As the product doesn't require mechanical transmission elements, it can enhance efficiency while solving gearbox wear, fractured transmission shaft, or oil leak problems once and for all. It saves plenty of maintenance costs and tremendously improves energy efficiency, providing an energy-saving solution for different venues.


The waste heat recovery system is also one of TECO’s carbon neutrality solutions. It helps clients evaluate the viability of generating power from medium and low-temperature waste heat above 80 degrees Celsius and can turn various sources of waste heat into green power. TECO has been working with public sectors in North America on this solution to help reduce emissions and achieve carbon neutrality for industries.


TECO is showcasing its T Power +, T Power 2 in 1, and T Power 3 in 1 electric vehicle power systems at Hannover Messe, demonstrating its ambition to expand the market. TECO pointed out the power systems are designed with flexible modules, with output power ranging from 8 to 272 kW, and can be used to produce electric passenger cars, electric buses, and special electric vehicles to meet different market needs. The team uses AR augmented reality technology to digitally bring the "T Power 2 in 1 Electric Vehicle Power System" to the booth, attracting many visitors to inquire about it. It is one of the highlights of the fair.


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