TECO Exhibits Low-Carbon Smart Manufacturing Solution at Automation Taipei 2022


TECO Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd. is exhibiting three major solutions, namely "low carbon industry," "smart factory," and "carbon assets management," under the theme "forging a low-carbon futuristic smart factory," at its booth (L418) in Automation Taipei 2022, which takes place at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Aug. 24-27.   


Sophia Chiu, TECO chairman, points out that given the urgent industrial need for low energy consumption, TECO can help the industrial sector augment its energy performance and cut power consumption with its core technologies, which is supplemented with visualized carbon-assets management, plus the provision of factory automation solution featuring low technology threshold and fast introduction, capable helping enterprises with various needs forge customized low-carbon futuristic smart factory.


With the implementation of carbon-emission regulations worldwide possibly boosting manufacturing costs significantly, TECO began to roll out low-carbon solutions tailored to various industrial needs last year, such as high-efficiency motors meeting international energy-performance standards, which have had good reception among various sectors, including steel, petrochemical, electronics, papermaking, and textile.


A highlight of TECO booth in the automation exhibition is "smart drive and control system for ultra-high energy-performance cooling tower," consisting of permanent-magnet direct-driver motors and specialized variable-frequency driver for cooling tower, with efficiency meeting IE5 standards and boasting adjustable operating speed in line with load factor which lead to energy conservation. The "smart drive and control system for ultra-high energy-performance cooling tower" boasts energy-conservation efficiency 40% higher than universal-type inverters, thanks to precision temperature control enabled by built-in temperature control algorithm.


Another noticeable exhibit is "carbon assets management solution," meant to help factories cut energy consumption and carbon emission, for both equipment and products, offered by TECO subsidiary Information Technology Total Services (ITTS) and coupled with another TECO subsidiary TECOM's "smart electromechanical equipment health management platform" and "electromechanical equipment energy-consumption and energy-performance management system" for visualized management of the operation of various equipment, including motor, air blower, air compressor, pump, and ice-chiller refrigerant compressor.


TECO's smart factory solution features short development schedule, fast introduction, low-technological threshold, and self customization, consisting of smart factory warehousing management system, open smart transport platform, and robotic arm joint module, capable of such automated functions as transport, picking, AMR, or movement. TECO notes that its DC servers are applicable in AGV (automated guided vehicles) and collaborative robotic arm and joint modules are available in two, three, and five axes. Also on display are several new products, such as "next-generation small inverter E710," boasting malfunction alert and diagnosis function. In general, TECO exhibits mirror the corporate vision of "energy conservation, emission reduction, intelligence, and automation," along with the targets of earth sustainability and carbon neutrality.