TECO Group Offers 500 Openings for Digital Talents


During the annual National Taiwan University campus job fair starting today (March 5), TECO Group offers over 500 openings for such talents as smart manufacturing, smart energy, e-vehicle powertrain, smart home appliances, and big-data analysis, manifesting the group's drive to march towards the realm of intelligence application.


Sophia Chiu, chairman of TECO Electric & Machinery, remarks that the company welcomes young people with ambition, passion, ideas, and dare-to-dream spirit to join the company, pledging to give them ample opportunities for realizing their full potential, via such arrangements as domestic and overseas internship, job rotation, and overseas assignments.


Under the corporate vision of "energy conservation, emission reduction, intelligence, and automation," TECO has been selected as a constituent stock of DJSI Emerging Market Index for two years in a row and has spared no effort in marching towards smart manufacturing, developing low-carbon automated industrial-motor production line, tapping, as the only local DMIT (design and manufacturing in Taiwan) company in this field, e-vehicle powertrain market, and stepping into green-energy and energy-storage realm, such as offshore wind power and PV power, all in the direction of attaining the ultimate goal of "carbon neutrality." It has won the acknowledgement of the golden or silver awards of Taiwan Excellent Awards for its motor, drive system, and service-type robots in recent three years, thanks to its abundant hi-tech talent pool.     


At the fair, TECO will also look for talents for dining service, with a plan to train those new hires to become professional managers for the group's dining operation.