DANAN, RAC, and TECO Join Forces to Establish a Domestic E-Bus Industry Ecosystem


       Danan Bus Co., Ltd., a company invested and operated by VAC (the Veterans Affairs Council, R.O.C.), held a vehicle launch ceremony today (28th).  The 48 electric buses are purchased from RAC Electric Vehicles Inc. and are powered by TECO Electric and Machinery Co..  The powertrain system provided by TECO are currently the only domestically produced powertrain in Taiwan certified by the government with DMIT (Designed and Manufactured in Taiwan) accreditation. The collaboration between Danan, RAC, and TECO marks the initial development of a domestic electric bus ecosystem.


        The powertrain system provided by TECO is known for its modular design, offering motor power options ranging from 150 kW to 250 kW, with plans for further development to achieve higher power up to 350 kW. It incorporates patented technologies aimed at reducing noise, magnetic leakage, and torque ripple. The system provides attributes such as high efficiency (with single-unit efficiency reaching 98% and M+I system efficiency reaching 96%), lightweight construction, modularity, and high strength. These characteristics enable the system to meet the requirements for long-duration high-speed driving. Furthermore, the drive unit of the powertrain system demonstrates flexibility, high efficiency, high power density, and high reliability. While initially designed for electric buses and large-scale trucks, its application scope can be extended to include electric ferries, electric agricultural machinery, port electric auto-guided vehicles, and various other field applications.


        Mr. Gao Fei-yuan, President of TECO's Electromechanical Systems and Automation Business Group, stated that TECO's research and development design can effectively shorten the vehicle development cycle for automotive manufacturers and align with national policies to accelerate the localization of the electric vehicle supply chain.