TECO Highlights Sustainability Commitment in Asia-Pacific Sustainability Exposition


TECO Group will highlight its sustainability commitment and achievement, under the theme "sustainability driving innovation, innovation empowering innovation," during the Asia-Pacific Exposition for Sustainability 2023, held at hall 1, Taipei Trade Center Exhibition Hall, July 21-23.


Sophia Chiu, TECO chairman, remarks that the company has spared no effort in developing innovative sustainable process and solutions, noting it had attained the first 10-year 20% emission reduction goal in 2020, five years ahead of schedule.


The company, says Chiu, has embarked on achieving the second 10-year 50% emission reduction goal by 2030, an initiative which will cover overseas factory premises. In addition to the initiative and provision of energy-conservation solutions to customers, TECO Group has endeavored contributing to the fulfillment f UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and has been engaged in various public-service events, including sponsorship for remote-area scientific education, preservation of aboriginal music and dance, and protection of ecological environment. During the show, TECO will invite its public-service partners to share with the public their experiences via speeches or performances, in the hope of inciting more enterprises and people to take part in the initiative for environmental and social sustainability.


Demonstration of innovative sustainable dynamic


In order to attain its sustainability goal, TECO has been engaged in the development of innovative process and new products/services constantly. In process, the company has been pushing digital transformation and smart manufacturing at its factories, in order to optimize process' energy conservation and emission reduction, such as the employment of "smart energy-conserving paint spraying and drying system," which can cut the use of cleaning solvent by 80%, paint by 10%, and power by 60%. Other examples include use of low-vaporization environment-friendly water paint and use of innovative technology and recycled silicon steel scraps for the manufacturing of motor case.


TECO has embraced a strategy applying innovative new products and business models at its factories before supplying to customers. It, for instance, has installed its rooftop PV power devices at its factories in Asia, with accumulated installed capacity having topped 9.6 million kilowatts/hour by the end of 2022, supplying 10% of total power needs. The share will advance to 15% by the end of 2023, thanks to the installation of such devices at its factories in Europe, America, and Australia. TECO has also undertaken other clean energy-related engineering works, including offshore wind-power onshore substations and energy-storage systems, gradually attaining market-leader status in those areas. Consequently, the company has set up an energy generation and storage business department this year and has set sights on the market of virtual power plants.


In line with global needs, TECO has been developing new core technologies continuously, helping customers cut carbon emission in their operations, including high-efficiency motors, low-carbon factory solution (granted first "Asia-Pacific sustainable action award"), petrochemical electrification solution, and transportation-vehicle power system, on top of foraying into the supply chains of hydrogen-energy, carbon-capture, and energy-storage equipment.


Lin Hung-hsiang, chief of TECO ESG office, points out that of the seven emission-reduction measures for attaining net zero emission by 2050 unveiled by the International Energy Agency in Feb. this year, TECO has been engaged in five, namely renewable energy, electrification, technological performance, carbon capture, and hydrogen energy, except the remaining two, namely natural resources and human factors. TECO's resolve and farsightedness in sustainable management is beyond doubt.


Global acknowledgement


TECO has been included in DISI Emerging Markets Index and covered by S&P Global Sustainability Yearbook for three years in a row, thanks to its remarkable performance in innovative management, talent cultivation, and supply-chain management, the best among emerging-market peers in 2022. Moreover, the company has kicked off "sustainability KPI" this year, aiming to incorporate sustainable management and energy conservation/emission reduction into its corporate culture, thereby forging an ESG-oriented environment. The company's other new sustainability measures this year include: internal carbon credit system, according which every business group is provided with specific emission quota and surpassing of the quota will affect its performance and bonus. TECO has also started extending its emission initiative to its supply-chain partners, helping them carry out inventory of greenhouse gases, in the hope of forging a sustainable supply chain.


Concerted effort with partners

   At the invitation of TECO's ESG office, several public-service partners of the company will perform on the showground during the exhibition, including speech by Chi Ting-huan, producer of a documentary on Taiwan, sponsored by TECO, singing performance by the chorus of Jinmei Elementary School in Hualien, and speech by teacher Tienyuan on his decades-long experience spreading scientific knowledge among children in remote areas.