TECO Presents Energy-Conservation Solutions at Food Taipei


In conjunction with a number of affiliated dining brands, TECO Electric & Machinery exhibits multiple smart energy-conservation products and solutions for the food industry at Food Taipei 2023, held at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, June 14-17.


What on display include energy-conserving refrigerating and air-conditioning systems most needed by the food industry, featuring proprietary energy-saving variable-frequency thermostatic-control technology and environment-friendly new-generation refrigerant, as well as a number of high-efficiency motors and drive systems, helping food-processing firms and production-line conveyer-belt manufacturers attain the target of energy conservation and emission reduction.


Peng Chi-tseng, president of TECO's air-conditioning and smart life business group, points out that meeting the growing need for cold-chain service worldwide, due to change in lifestyle, TECO's energy-conserving commercial refrigerating and air-conditioning system boasts flexible "storage space" and "cooling-power allocation," capable satisfying various food-storage needs of produce and food operators. The system has passed ISO 22000 food-safety certification and domestic HACCP certification, with applications including the low-temperature central kitchen of the Pingtung Agriculture Biotechnology Park and low-temperature food warehouse of Madou Farmers' Association of Tainan City for keeping up the freshness and hygiene of indigenous pomelo via the functions of AIoT smart energy-conserving software, real-time monitoring, and data analysis.


The commercial energy-conserving refrigerant and air-conditioning system boasts one-to-many precision temperature control and 360-degreee minor temperature-difference vertical air-current distribution, capable of prolonging food freshness and cutting food decay rate by 12%, meeting the needs of various temperature layers from +7 to -30 in freezer.


TECO exhibits its variable multi-temperature layer freezer, featuring smart one-key switch, visualized display, and adjustable freezing, refrigerating, and thermostatic spaces, which can reduce food waste, making it a helpful tool for the management of food companies. TECO offers one-stop service for the product, including design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance, and repair.

Another highlight at TECO booth is high-efficiency IE4 motor equipped with E710 inverter, boasting up to 8% power saving than IE3 motor, on top of longer product life. It is applicable to stirring machine, conveyer belt, refrigerating equipment, and heat-dissipation fan in the food industry.