TTECO and Taiwan Sugar Join Forces in Constructing Taiwan's First Green Residential Park


State-enterprise Taiwan Sugar Corporation breaks ground on a smart green energy residential park project in Shalun District of Tainan City today (April 4), with an electromechanical system to be built by TECO Electric and Machinery.

TECO will also install the air-conditioning system and monitoring and surveillance system of the projected park, which will be challenging task, due to Taiwan Sugar's demand to have the facility meet the golden-grade standard of smart building and the standard for diamond-grade mark of green building. 

The company's energy and engineering business division outbid multiple competitors for the project, thanks to its abundant experience in BIM (building information modeling) technology, for application in such projects as a large-scale specialized cancer hospital and an international data and information storage center. Taiwan Sugar envisions a circular-economy residential community for the project, an unprecedented move in Taiwan, calling for the establishment of a database, which covers the product life and functions of building materials, equipment, and consumables, for precise calculation and tracking during the circular process. Sophia Chiu, TECO chairperson, is fully confident of the company's ability to meet the challenge, saying the task will be completed according to the required schedule and quality.

The project boasts three major features, namely circular economy, smart building, and green building. In order to meet the golden-grade standard of smart building, TECO will employ Web monitoring to integrate power, drainage, and security systems, to attain the requirements of safety, convenience, energy conservation, and sustainability, on top of humanistic management. In order to attain the objective of diamond-grade green building, TECO will employ high-performance air-conditioning units, which will be coupled with heat recycling equipment, for effective recycling and reuse of energy.  

TECO boasts over 30 years of integrated experience in the construction and engineering interface of electromechanical systems for multiple facilities, including hi-tech factory building, IDC (internet data center) machine room, multiple-function office, five-star hotel, mass-merchandise stores, and medical center, having established a good repute on the market. Sophia Chiu notes that the project coincides with TECO's envision of "energy conservation, emission reduction, smart application, and automation," saying the company will invest optimal manpower and technology to make the project a guidepost for domestic smart buildings.