2018 TECO "Green Tech" Awards Energy-Conserving Works


A study on soil and ground-water pollution abatement by the Institute of Environmental Engineering, National Sun Yat-sen University, won the championship in the 2018 TECO "Green Tech" international innovation competition, an annual event meant to promote green energy, organized by the TECO Technology Foundation. 

Another study on sludge utilization, carried out by the Department of Science and Technology, the University of Hong Kong, Qingdao University, and Wuhan University jointly, was also granted championship for the international section of the event during the award ceremony held on Aug. 22 at the Kuokuang Hall of the Chinese Petroleum Corporation Building in Taipei.  

The two works, titled "A Total Solution for Soil and Groundwater Contamination Cleanup: Green Remediation Technology and Substrate Development" and SinoFloc-the Novel Cross-link Flocullant for Sludge Utilization," respectively, won the honor in the acute competition which attracted 40 entries, on such issues as energy conservation, carbon abatement, and environment-friendliness, after experiencing a rigorous evaluation process, including the presentation of briefings and sharp inquiries by judges. In addition to local teams, the event also attracted participants from Russia, China, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

When receiving the award from Li Shun-chin, president of CPC Corp., Taiwan,  a student representing the team on "SinoFloc-the Novel Cross-link Flocculant for Sludge Utilization" stressed the importance of a feasible commercialization plan for a good technology, hoping that the team's technology can be gradually applied in Taiwan and Hong Kong converting waste water into resources, in addition to the further development of the technology.

The award for the ""A Total Solution for Soil and Groundwater Contamination Cleanup: Green Remediation Technology and Substrate Development" was presented by Sophia Chu, TECO chairperson. Another student representing the team hoped that the soil and ground-water rehabilitation technology can contribute to the solution of the ground water-pollution problem.

Kuo Jui-sung, chairman of TECO Technology Foundation, and Chien You-hsin, chairman of the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy, were in unison noting that green energy is the key to the solution of the climate-change problem, including meeting the increase needs for water, energy, and foods brought about by constantly increasingly population of the world.

At the ceremony, Sophia Chiu remarked that as technology is undergoing transformation and seeking new direction, it needs the input of innovation and passion, so that humans can cope with new problems one after another, an outlook which is visible in "Green Tech." Chiu urged participants of the event to continue the quest for the future of their works, assuring sustainable development of their technologies.

Chiu noted that as a member of the industrial sector, TECO's support for the "Green Tech" event underscores the company's intention to contribute to the creation of a fine harmonious living space. Via the event, TECO also intends to highlight the importance of applicability for academic R&D results and the significant benefits which could result from continuing input into the research effort.