Smart-Life AI Full Temperature Range Solution, Low carbon-emission, ultra energy-saving air-conditioning system offers custom healthy air service


To cope with the need of post-pandemic life and rising power bills, TECO unveiled an "AI energy-saving central air-conditioning system" boasting building energy performance higher than grade 1 level and an "full temperature range solution" for freezing, refrigerating, and cold-chain operation during its 2023 new product presentation session today (March 24).


Sophia Chiu, chairman of TECO Group, pointed out that TECO solutions feature updated software, custom service, and low-carbon energy conservation, satisfying the needs of various customer groups. Its new household air conditioner, for instance, boast 12% extra power saving than the previous model, its commercial air conditioning system features active management, while its freezing and refrigerating equipment is applicable to various lines, including food warehousing and processing, logistics center, and chain markets, conducive to the forging of sustainable post-pandemic life.


Smart air-conditioning solution with over 42% power saving


With air conditioning accounting for near half of power bills of residences, commercial buildings, and factories, air-conditioning energy conservation is critical for cost control, in the face of rising power rates. TECO is capable of offering air conditioning solution suited to the needs of various application fields, in terms of space size and usage purposes, thereby attaining 30% power saving. In the case of a seven-story "centralized" commercial building with floor space of 5,000 square meters, for instance, adoption of TECO's DC variable-frequency box-type chiller system with grade 1 energy performance can boost IPLV to 8.5, which, along with such peripheral systems as cooling water tower, pump, and air-conditioning box, plus TECO's variable-frequency control equipment, can elevate the building's energy performance to grade 1 level, under existing building energy-performance grading system. As for software, TECO has rolled out "optimized energy-conservation management model" and a full set of integrated control software, mainly for integrated control for energy-intensive chiller and its four major peripheral equipment, attaining extra 6% power saving, as well as the dual targets of power saving and comfort, as well as system energy conservation and automatic diagnosis.


TECO AI household air conditioner boasts optimal temperature control, humidity removal, and bacteria inhibition


TECO's 2023 new air conditioners in HS5 and GA series boast compact outdoor unit, the smallest among domestic models, and 99% bacteria inhibition, with SGS bacteria inhibition proof, plus 12% extra power saving, exceeding grade 1 energy performance, plus 360-degree wind blowing, ultra quiet, and high corrosion proof. It features custom design, cleanness, and APP linkage.


TECO cold-chain solution upholds food freshness


In line with the trend of cold-chain logistics for food transport, meant to uphold food freshness, in the post-pandemic era, TECO has launched refrigerator series, capable of meeting the need for full-range temperatures, featuring variable-frequency constant temperature and even air-flow temperature, capable of reducing rottenness rate by 12%. The company's variable multi-temperature layer freezer consists of the three compartments of freezing, refrigeration, and constant temperature, whose spaces are adjustable. TECO's freezing and refrigerating equipment is applicable to various fields, for which the company's offers one-stop service including installation, maintenance, and repair. It can meet the different purposes and needs of various lines, including food warehousing, food processing, logistics center, and chain market. In collaboration with Madou farmers' association, it offered optimal cold-chain service to the food processing industry last year.