TECO received 4 Major Awards from TCSA


TECO Electric & Machinery is granted 2021Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA) today (Nov. 17), for the seventh year in a row, in acknowledgement of its remarkable performance in the quest for sustainable development.  TECO stages an excellent showing in various categories of the awards, including Climate Leadership Award and Social Inclusion Leadership Award, plus platinum award for traditional manufacturing industry under Corporate Sustainability Reports Award and Top 50 corporate sustainability award under general performance category.


The company's extraordinary performance for the new TCSA Climate Leadership Award, on greenhouse-gas emission reduction and management, is attributed to its achievements in recent years in the field, including attaining 20% emissions reduction goal in five years, only half the original 10-year schedule, installation of PV power and other renewable energy facilities, generating 6.42 million kWh of power a year, employment of environment-friendly process for motor manufacturing, such as introduction of water-based paints cutting emission by near 60%, and use of recycled materials for 40% share. Sophia Chiu, TECO chairman, points out that the company will begin to execute "sustainable KPIs (key performance indicators)" system this year, including three indicators: internal carbon price, proportion of recycled materials and waste recycling, and climate impact management.  The company is to make sustainability concept part and parcel of employees' daily works, so as to attain the company's ultimate goal of "carbon neutrality" in the shortest time possible.


TECO has made major inroads into renewable energy in recent years, including PV power generators, onshore substations for offshore wind farms, energy storage systems, and e-vehicle powertrain system. In 2020, the company installed 1.7 MW PV power system atop its Chungli factory buildings, with annual output of 2 million kWh, attaining 10% share for green power, ahead of the government schedule. It has landed onshore Substation EPC Contracts of Changfang, Xidao, and Hai Long offshore wind project, totaling 2 GW in capacity. This makes TECO the leading local manufacturer of onshore substations and exhibits TECO’s great expertise in this field. In addition, its e-vehicle powertrain system (T Power) has been granted Taiwan Excellence Gold Award and is one of the few products passing DMIT (designed and manufactured in Taiwan) test. TECO reports that in line with global industrial trend, the company will contribute to the development of sustainable cities with zero net carbon emission and the development indigenous renewable energy chain, thereby realizing the corporate vision of "energy conservation, emission reduction, intelligence, and automation."