TECO Smart Manufacturing in the Spotlight at Shanghai Fair


In conjunction with some affiliates, TECO Electric & Machinery exhibited its automated guided vehicle (AGV) and service-type robot, plus other smart-manufacturing programs, at the 2019 China International Industry Fair in Shanghai, attracting extensive attention during the five-day period, Sept. 17-21.

Under the theme of "TECO smart manufacturing ushers in the era of future factory," TECO debuted its AGV and service-type robot for the Chinese market at the fair, when the robot won the heart of numerous visitors with its hilarious appearance, agile movement, and lively introduction of the TECO booth. With a display screen as its face, the robot can interact with visitors via voice and expression and a tablet PC on its chest offers extra text messages and dynamic images. 

Visitors were also impressed by the extraordinary functions of the AGV, including optical radar scanning, space positioning, precision traversing ability, dynamic barrier avoidance, map editing, and car-control setup interface, which embody TECO's prowess in system integration. The AGV can be coupled with human-machine interface for application in various fields, including tour guide, meal delivery, dish retrieval, security inspection, and factory.

Also on display were smart health management system for electromechanical equipment and smart cloud-end platform for air compressor, as well as a number of IoT-based factory monitoring equipment, capable of maintenance/repair forecast for equipment, energy conservation, and interactive diagnosis, as part of smart factory solution.

TECO stresses that taking advantage of the group's versatile expertise in motor, inverter, electric-control system, power management, and production-line management, TECO has full confidence in helping traditional manufacturers march towards smart factory, in line with the current of Industry 4.0, citing its success in helping a leading Chinese steel firm install some 1,000 sensors for real-time data display and a major Taiwanese textile firm set up malfunction alert system at its production line.