TECO Unveils EV Powertrains at India's Taiwan Expo: Oct 5-7


The third stop of the 2023 Taiwan Expo took place in Mumbai, India, where TECO Electric & Machinery (1504) showcased its green powertrain systems as the main theme. TECO exhibited powertrain systems for electric vehicles and high-efficiency motors with an IE5 energy efficiency rating, demonstrating the company’s ambitious plans and intentions to enter the Indian market.

TECO Electric & Machinery's EV (Electric Vehicle) team, at this Taiwan Expo in India, highlighted its electric vehicle powertrain systems designed for "light commercial electric vehicles" and "e-trucks".  These systems can deliver a maximum power output of up to 130kW and include motors and drivers. TECO’s professional team can also provide complete electric vehicles to meet customer demands.

During the exhibition, in collaboration with the Taiwan External Trade Development Council and its Chairman, C. F. Huang, TECO’s EV team visited and exchanged views with India's major automotive manufacturers, the Mahindra & Mahindra Group. India is one of the overseas markets actively developed by TECO, with a sales team established in India since 2008.  In 2016, TECO set up a low-voltage motor factory in Gujarat, and currently, TECO’s high-efficiency motor manufacturing plant in Bangalore, the third-largest city in India, is under construction. This move aims to target the domestic market in India and seize opportunities for powertrain systems in the electric vehicle industry.