TECO Debuts SiC High-Power Direct Drive EV Driver


TECO Electric & Machinery unveiled today (April 12) self-developed SiC high-power direct drive EV driver during 2023 E-Mobility Taiwan. 

Kao Fei-yuan, president of the company's electromechanical system and automation business group, points out that the new product features SiC modular direct drive, skipping gear reducer and thus avoiding attrition, which results in ultra-high efficiency and higher power density. With a compact case, only half the size of common model, the product is applicable to 12 meter-long e-bus, inter-city e-shuttle bus, large e-truck, and engineering machinery. As the only Taiwanese powertrain manufacturer with official e-vehicle DMIT (design and manufacture in Taiwan) qualification, TECO will spare no effort pushing e-vehicle powertrain solution and joining global supply chain, on its advantages of R&D and manufacturing strength and global production bases, according to Kao Fei-yuan.  

The new EV driver boasts maximum power output of 360 kW, applicable to 12 meter-long e-bus, with maximum 20% gradeability and 96 kph maximum speed, plus 44% higher volumetric specific power. Thanks to its modular design, TECO's EV powertrain is applicable to various automakers' vehicles with different specifications, helping automakers shorten their vehicle development schedules and contributing to the government's policy for localizing e-vehicle supply chain. At present, TECO's powertrain has been employed by Taiwan's two leading e-bus makers, whose e-buses have been certified and delivered to local bus companies, ready to hit the roads.

TECO's powertrain has been acknowledged by Taiwan Excellence Awards repeatedly, including golden award for "T Power powertrain" and 2023 Taiwan Excellence Awards for "high-efficiency modularized powertrain series for big e-vehicles," thanks to its outstanding electric control ability, complete product lineup, and application track record.

In line with the localization policy of host countries and the purpose of supplying to automakers, TECO has set up overseas powertrain production lines in recent two years, such as two new plants in Bangalore, India and Mexico, scheduled for inauguration this year, on top of auto-motor and driver production line in Taiwan's Chungli plant, already in operation. The company is eyeing replacement demands associated with buses and school buses, as well as subsidized purchase for commercial vehicles, in North America, and India's commercial-vehicle powertrain market.

During 2023 E-Mobility Taiwan, TECO also displays highly integrated three-in-one powertrain, an upgraded version, applicable to 3.49-ton and lighter e-commercial vehicles, which have been employed by Taiwan Pelican Express for building Taiwan's first e-vehicle logistics fleet.