TECO Showcases "Automated Guided Vehicle" for the Robotic Market


During Taipei International Industrial Automation Exhibition, TECO Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd. will showcase a prototype of automated guided vehicle (AGV), manifesting the company's significant achievements in robotics, for applications in both factories and service businesses, in recent years.

During the exhibition, from Aug. 1-4, TECO will also display at its booth (M504) frequency converter, servo driver, and other IoT equipment.  

There will be a special integrated electric-control section at the TECO booth, containing major IoT or even Internet of machinery equipment, such as G2S servo driver, capable of supporting CANopen and EtherCAT with high-speed communications function, which can facilitate multi-axis control for application in robotic arm and Internet of machinery equipment. TECO's G2S servo driver has been applied in series multi-axis robots, such as stack robots, and in-parallel robots with high-load capacity. New-generation G2S boasts multiple applicability, suitable for not only common alternating-current servo motors but also linear motors and DD motors, facilitating manufacturing automation.

The aforementioned AGV fully manifests TECO's capability in control and driving equipment and its core integrated electromechanical technology. It employs TECO's DC servo driver, boasting excellent real-time spatial positioning, precision penetration capability, outstanding dynamic obstacle avoidance, friendly map editing, and vehicle-control setting interface. Consequently, it can be applied extensively, including inter-division transport of work pieces at factories, warehousing, logistics, room services at hotels, and restaurants. It can bear a design matching customers' corporate image, suited to the service-oriented robot market. TECO has developed a prototype of service-oriented robot being tested at the group's dining outlets, which can also be applied in medical care, travel facilities, and guided tour. TECO points out that it will enrich the functions of its AGV, while giving it modularized and custom design, to meet the needs of different application fields and will accept commission from customers for producing specific service-oriented robots.

As in the past, the TECO booth also contains exhibits of affiliates. Another highlight of the booth is "ultra-high power-density smart motor," whose mass production already started in July, following debut at Hanover Fair in April. The company will augment its power capacity to MW level. Also on display is "remote diagnostic and maintenance system for electromechanical equipment-MMK" of Tecom, a TECO affiliate, which will make on-site demonstration, exhibiting various functions, such as real-time notification of the trend of operating value and remote alarming. Another exhibit of Tecom is portable vibration detector Pro 3200, dubbed as "black technology" in China, which can complete measurement within 10 minutes, facilitating establishment of equipment database for an entire factory within a short time. The two products are capable of helping factories upgrade their maintenance and repair works to the IIoT level.