TECO Sets Sights on Smart Sustainable City


TECO Group will display a litany of sustainability solutions under the theme of "intelligence everywhere, urban sustainability" in the excellent ESG corporate pavilion of the Net Zero City Expo, in 2023 Smart City Summit & Expo. 

Sophia Chiu, chairman of TECO Group, points out that to cope with power-rate hike and contribute to attainment of net zero carbon emission, TECO presents custom smart energy-conservation solutions, smart energy monitoring, and ESG-Ready platform meant to help enterprises establish complete sustainability capability quickly, for application in buildings, manufacturing, and workplaces. In addition, it displays a number of solutions for green transportation, indispensable for urban sustainability, including e-bus powertrain and green smart logistics, contributing to the development of smart convenient urban life.

Faced with the rigorous demands of energy conservation and power saving, many corporate executives have been at a loss. A good starting point is air conditioning, as it typically accounts for 40-50% of the total power consumption of commercial or factory buildings, according to statistics of the Ministry of the Interior. Accordingly, pooling the resources of its affiliates and integrating AI software and hardware, TECO exhibits multiple smart energy-conservation solutions, including active-management "smart air-conditioning energy conservation control system" and high-performance energy-saving "cooling water tower direct drive system solution," both applicable to commercial buildings and factories. They can be attached with "ESG-Ready" platform, featuring data analysis and greenhouse-gas inventory system, capable of helping enterprises forecast carbon emission, optimize emission-reduction management flow, and conform to ISO 14064 standards. TECO notes that in the case of a seven-story commercial building with floor space of 5,000 square meters, application of "smart air-conditioning energy-conservation control system" can reduce CO2e emission by 13.33 metric tons a year, while its custom service can attain the dual purposes of power saving and comfort. The next-generation energy-saving solution has been in use at TECO factories, demonstrating remarkable performance. 

Also on display is the group's track record in green building and its "smart energy monitoring solution," the latter integrating PV power system and energy storage system, which boasts the multiple functions of smooth PV power generation, peak-load shifting, demand management, spare emergency power supply, and regulation of supplementary services, making it an indispensable device for green building or green factory to optimize power supply and energy conservation. 

Given the key role of e-bus in cutting urban exhaust discharge, TECO Electric & Machinery has spared no effort in developing e-vehicle powertrain in recent years, such as the "high-performance motor" installed in the next-generation e-bus of RAC Electric Vehicles Inc., which has already been plying several urban routes in Taiwan. Meanwhile, Taiwan Pelican Express Co., Ltd., a TECO affiliate, has been endeavoring to materialize green logistics via application of AI vehicle dispatch system and AI route planning, for delivery with e-vehciles, thereby attaining 50 kilos of carbon emission reduction for every 100 kilometers of transportation.

TECO hopes to delineate a blueprint of smart sustainable city via its exhibits, presenting a wide range of custom solutions covering renewable energy, green building, and green mass transportation, as well as industrial and commercial applications, thereby contributing to the forging of a smart sustainable urban life.