TECO's Cutting-Edge Smart Motor Debuts at Hannover Industrial Supply


TECO Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd., a global leading motor manufacturer, debuted an "ultra-high power density smart motor" at 2018 Hannover Industrial Supply fair on April 23. 

The cutting-edge motor, a fruit of two-year R&D effort, boasts high efficiency, light weight and compact size, and smart health management, with power density challenging the ceiling of frame number 355 motors worldwide, conforming to the Industry 4.0 theme of the fair this year. It, therefore, caught the attention of many of the 5,000 buyers from 75 countries for the fair. When visiting TECO's booth on the first day of the fair, Shih Jhy-wey, Taiwan representative to Germany, was deeply impressed by the company's technological edge and strong competitiveness.

TECO joined hands with affiliate Tecom displaying smart motors and electromechanical equipment at the show, demonstrating the group's extraordinary technological strength and offering optimal solutions. The "ultra-high power density smart motor" is the star product of the TECO booth and is, in addition to ultra-high efficiency comparable to IE4, furnished with built-in smart health management system, developed by Tecom, capable of remote real-time maintenance, which slashes maintenance cost and energy consumption. TECO's exhibition team pointed out that the "ultra-high power density smart motor" boasts 600 kilowatt power output and weighs 2.6 tons, with the former 33% higher than other motors with the same frame number but 20% less weight, on top of the build-in smart health management system. It embodies high efficiency, smart application, and compactness and as such is TECO's representative product in 2018.

Also in display at the TECO booth are complete series of inverters, servo motors, servo drives, magnetic switches, and speed reducers. A cocktail shaker, furnished with Motovario speed reducers and inverters, is also available, capable of providing beverages in various flavors, giving the booth a casual touch. 

(Note: TECO acquired Motovario of Italy and its subsidiaries in 2015.)