TECO and Farmers' Association Exhibiting Smart Freezing and Refrigerating Solution Jointly at Kaohsiung Food Show


TECO Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd. has joined hands with Matou Farmers' Association exhibiting freezing and refrigerating solution for application in preserving Wentan, a homegrown fruit, at the Kaohsiung Food Show starting today (Oct. 27).


The solution is expected to contribute to the operation of local farmers, enabling them to preserve the freshness of their fruits for a long time, either for direct consumption or food processing. The highly efficient solution has potential for extensive applications in not only food processing but also aquaculture industry and animal husbandry, helping their operators conserve power and attain environmental friendliness.

The solution consists of direct-current one-to-many freezing machines. featuring segregated air-current management in air conditioning and concurrent freezing and refrigerating operations. Peng Chi-tseng, president of TECO's air-conditioning and smart life business group, points out that the collaboration aims to boost the values of produce by prolonging the their freshness, adding that the collaboration may be extended to other farmers' and fishermen's association in Taiwan. He notes that TECO's cold-chain equipment conforms to ISO2200:2018 and ISO23412:2020 standards, facilitating HACCP certification and creation of a safe and hygienic processing field for the agricultural products


A highlight of TECO's exhibition at the show is "water-cooled direct-current variable-frequency air conditioner," a pioneering product for application in steelmaking industry, food processing industry, and IDCs. With energy conservation efficiency 43% higher than national first-grade energy performance standards, the product has been awarded Taiwan Excellence Awards and government's energy conservation label. Made of stainless steel, it can be applied in various special environments, meeting various industrial air-conditioning needs.

In line with its policy of tapping the food market, TECO has launched a number of related solutions this year, including IE5 permanent-magnet EC motor with highest energy efficiency grade, boasting precision control of various fans' rotational speeds, low vibration, and low noise; IE4 ultra-high power motor and decelerator, both furnished with next-generation compact inverter E710, for application in meat transport, food stirring, and production-line conveyer; IE3 high-efficiency waterwheel motor, which can be coupled with mobile devices to control waterwheel's rotational speed, mainly for application in aquaculture.