Awarded for “the uniqueness with virtues as social paradigm”


Awarded for “the uniqueness with virtues as social paradigm”

With the vision to make co-prosperity of science & culture, The TECO Technology Foundation is tasked with holding the 29th TECO Award ceremony at the Eslite Performance Hall, Taipei, on 29 October.

There are seven winners awarded the TECO Award. Among them, five are the winners of the Science and Technology Award. Their research had fruitful industrial applications and resulted in 738 technology transfer projects with the authorized amounts exceeding NT$ 2.3 billion. The other two winners are awarded the Humanities Award due to their mastery in the field of " Audio Preservation and Sound Art" with unique skills and professional virtues.

In the past twenty-nine years, the TECO Award has awarded 169 winners as social paradigm. Every year, NT$4,000,000 in total is granted and divided with NT$800,000 for each award category. Including this year, the accumulated amounts reach NT$90.3 million.


The jury is led by Dr. Jyuo-Min Shyu, the general convener. Twenty-one professional jury members conduct the review based on the principles of fairness, impartiality and openness. Progressively, the Science and Technology Award already has broad coverage with intensive competition. Every year, the field of the Humanities Award is carefully selected based on its uniqueness and social impact. By honoring these award winners with the highest respect, the TECO Award has maintained a lofty and unique image.