TECO Meal-Delivery Robot Shows Up at Kaohsiung Food Fair


TECO Group will display its self-developed meal-delivery robot at Kaohsiung International Food Fair, held Oct. 24-27, as part of its effort pushing service-oriented robots for the market.

In fact, the meal-delivery robot has been in service at Mos Burger outlets in Taiwan, run by TECO Group. Christened Miss Mos Burger by Theodore Huang, chairman of TECO Group, the cute looking robot, in an outfit with mixed orange and white colors, can deliver meals on a tray in its hands and interact with customers in voice and text via a screen on its face. Already present at 15 outlets, the robot has elicited warm response, especially from children, who often ask to take a photo with the robot.

The indigenous robot sits on an automated guided vehicle (AGV) with TECO's servo actuator and motor, capable of space positioning, precision traversing, dynamic barrier avoidance, and map editing, plus a car control setting interface, an embodiment of TECO's system integration capability. With an inductive device, it can stretch out its arms on arrival at destination and then utter voice clearly, audible even in an open noisy environment, thanks to a built-in 50-watt stereo system.

Based on the usage experience at the 15 outlets, TECO will roll out third-generation meal-delivery robot, even more capable of interactingwith customers. Moreover, TECO will launch dish-collecting robot and tour-guiding robot, offering even more versatile functions to service businesses.