Taipower Kicks Off TECO-Constructed Longtan Energy Storage System


State-run Taiwan Power Company inaugurates today (Jan. 22) the Longtan Energy Storage System, the largest such facility in Taiwan up to now, built by TECO Electric & Machinery, on a turnkey basis. Sophia Chiu, TECO chairman, points out that the launch of the system marks a milestone for Taiwan in its quest for net zero emission, demonstrating the company's technological strength in large-scale energy storage and wind-power systems, its close tie with major international energy-storage firms, and most importantly, its collaboration with Taipower in erecting safe and stable grids in Taiwan.  


Spanning 0.66 hectares in space, the Longtan system boasts total capacity of 80 MWh, 37.5% of Taipower's existing energy-storage capacity, equivalent to the power consumption volume of 8,000 households for one day. With an eye on the safety and stability of Taiwan's power system, the Longtan system features multiple protective measures for energy-storage safety, including "gas detector," "isolating switch," and "clean fire-extinguishing agent," assuring rapid and effective handling of potential risks under any circumstances. Another highlight is "energy-storage management system (ESMS), capable of uploading the system's operating status every 10 seconds. Field test shows that the system's total response speed is less than 0.4 seconds, compared with the norm of less than 1 second, with execution rate surpassing 99% (compared with the norm of 95%), not only raising the control capability for the system and enabling flexible supply-demand maneuvering but also assuring stable operation of power network.


The Longtan system is characterized as a key national infrastructure, as energy storage systems will play a critical role in grid stability in Taiwan, following massive entry of offshore wind power into Taipower's system. Since foray into the energy-storage realm in 2015, TECO has made major inroads into the renewable-energy market, including completion of multiple energy-storage projects, both in Taiwan and abroad, and landing of onshore substation projects for offshore wind power on a turnkey basis, with accumulated capacity reaching 2.5 GW, representing the highest domestic market share. TECO points out that although the Longtan project has been completed in collaboration with Fluence, a leading international energy-storage firm, the company has spared no effort in localizing topnotch international energy-storage engineering technology, so that it can further tap Taiwan's energy-storage market with international field experience, safe and reliable products, cutting-edge technology, and local delivery service.