TECO Launches "Smart Solutions for Food Processing" and "-18℃ to 27℃ HVAC&R Full Temperature Range Solution" at the 2024 Taipei International Food Show


 The 2024 Taipei International Food Show opens today (26th), with TECO presenting dual themes: "Smart Solutions for Food Processing" and "-18℃ to 27℃ HVAC&R Full Temperature Range Solutions". These provide one-stop services for businesses and Farmers' and Fishermen's Associations, including servo motors with precise positioning and speed control, high-performance motor drive systems that achieve energy-saving targets, and intelligent refrigeration and air conditioning solutions that maintain consistent temperature and humidity while offering energy-saving benefits. TECO states that these innovations not only support businesses in transitioning to energy-saving operations but also aim to collaborate with the food industry to achieve global carbon reduction and sustainable goals.

Theme 1: Smart Solutions for Food Processing - Facilitate Industry Upgrades and Carbon Reduction

The demand for smart energy-saving solutions is increasingly important in the food processing industry. Mr. Kao Fei-yuan, Present of Green Mechatronic Solution Business Group at TECO, pointed out that this exhibition showcases servo motors, high-performance motor drive systems, and compact inverters, in response to the industry's needs spanning from raw material handling and production manufacturing to packaging and transportation.

TECO's servo motorsare widely applicable to various equipment in food processing production lines, such as extruders, conveyor belts, and packaging machines. These motors offer precise positioning and speed control with the resolution of the drive encoder that has been improved 64 times compared to the previous generation, the motor body is reduced by 22% in length, and the main capacitor lifespan has increased by 40%, enhance production efficiency significantly while maintaining high stability and quality of the equipment. In addition, TECO’s IE5 ultra high efficiency motor drive system can be used in mixers, conveyor belts, and packaging machines, helping businesses achieve exceptional energy efficiency and operational performance immediately. The E710 Miniaturized Inverter is ideal for conveyor belts and packaging machines, further optimizes equipment control and operational performance. The new technology design reduces the panel size by 50%, allowing side-by-side installation in control panels, thereby lowering the required installation space and costs.

Theme 2: One-Stop Services for Full Temperature Range Solution in the Food Industry - Consistent Temperature and Humidity with Energy Saving

At the 2024 Taipei International Food Show, TECO’s Air and Intelligent Life Business Group showcased its -18°C to 27°C HVAC&R and comfortable air conditioning solutions. The Group’s President, Peng Chi-tseng, stated that TECO provides comprehensive solutions to ensure energy savings, emission reduction, and consistent temperature and humidity in the cold chain process of "farm-to-table," which includes food processing, storage, distribution, and delivery to shops and restaurants. For example, TECO’s AI low-temperature refrigeration solution offers top-tier ultra-high-performance of full temperature range equipment for Farmers' Association (meat processing industry) and Fishermen's Association (seafood processing industry) applications. Combined with optimized control technology, these solutions maintain precise temperature control through uniform airflow, creating a friendly environment tailored to specific needs. As for one-stop services, from blueprint planning to acceptance, they can reduce overall costs by up to 30%. For energy-saving renovations in existing facilities and sites, different energy-saving operational strategies can achieve a reduction of 5% to 8%. If coupled with the replacement of energy-saving equipment, the energy savings can reach up to 42%.

In the application of shopfronts, TECO provides integrated control of air conditioning and refrigeration systems to achieve optimized operation and energy savings. Meanwhile, adopting the new generation low GWP R407H environmentally friendly refrigerant, coupled with utilizing software intelligence, can enhance energy savings by up to 30% and assist stores in achieving their ESG goals.

In a constant temperature and humidity environment at 27°C, TECO has introduced Permanent Magnet Chillers/Heat Pumps, which can recover and reuse waste heat. With a maximum Coefficient of Performance (COP) of up to 13 times, it serves as an optimal partner for businesses seeking energy-saving and carbon reduction solutions.

Dual-themed exhibition: Your Comprehensive Partner in Energy Efficiency for the Food Industry

TECO continues to deepen its presence in the food industry. As consumers increasingly prioritize food quality, TECO provides comprehensive solutions for food processing plants, collaborating with customers to enhance food safety, preserve the flavor, extend shelf life, and reduce food waste.  TECO also helps businesses obtain energy-saving subsidies by implementing governmental goals of "decarbonization" and "intellectualization". This makes TECO the ideal partner for the food industry across all aspects.