TECO Smart E-Trishaw Wins 2018 System Integration Award


The smart Internet-access electric trishaw developed and manufactured by TECO Electric and Machinery for export to the Philippines has been granted 2018 System Integration Award, organized by the Taipei Smart City Solutions Alliance and the Taipei Computer Association. 

The product won the honor for its contribution to alleviation of the serious air pollution caused by traditional motorized tricycles in the Philippines and its integration of Taiwan's smart auto fleet management system and multiple innovative functions in energy conservation, safety, and anti-burglary, embodying a new model for export of system integration.

The smart e-trishaw has forayed into the Filipino market, such as employment, for trial run, by the REV taxi fleet in Cauayan City of Isabela Province, due to a number of advantages, including (1) real-time grasp by the control center of the whereabouts and tracks of electric trishaws, facilitating the fleet in determining timing and spots for car dispatch, via the use of big data; (2) monitoring and management of the usage status of the batteries of electric trishaws; (3) conducting of smart real-time car locking to prevent burglary by the fleet.

There are now 3.5 million traditional motorized tricycles, dubbed "sidecar," in the Philippines, including 200,000 in Manila, accounting for two thirds of CO2 emission in the metropolitan area, which cause the problems of noise, air pollution, and energy waste. In addition, motorized tricycles, which could stop anywhere upon hailing by passengers, also affect adversely passenger safety, city appearance, and traffic, due to chaotic specifications and standards. TECO set up an electric vehicle manufacturing company in Subic Bay of the Philippines, for the assembly of smart electric trishaws in 2016 a project which has not only created job openings and abated air pollution but also improved traffic, thanks to the function of the smart transportation system, enabling local people to summon taxi service rapidly and safely via cellphones, in addition to facilitating monitoring and management of taxi fleet.  

TECO joins hands with Cloud Tracker Co., provider of mobile vehicle management software in Taiwan, in developing the vehicle, in line its corporate vision of "energy conservation, emission reduction, smart application, and automation." It is a successful case representing successful application of smart-city technology abroad. The company aims to substitute the vehicles for the 200,000 existing motorized tricycles in Manila, following affirming the quality of the city's satellite and telecommunications network.