Press Release

Adjusting to human progress and technological advances so as to provide appropriate humanitarian programs, The TECO Technology Foundation aspires to strengthen and foster the coexistence of science and literature within the society.


Today held the 28th TECO Award Presentation Ceremony in “eslite Performance Hall.” This year’s science and technology awards are different from the past. Of the 6 new subject winners who has escaped from the traditional framework of learning and thinking, laying a foundation for non-research universities, pursuing their dreams and pragmatically, and innovating to lead at domestic and abroad.


The humanities award is go to Chien-Chi Chang, a full member of the International Magnum Photos, who is known as the "photographic poet", demonstrating that he has shown humane care and unique aesthetics through the lens, transcending national boundaries as Taiwan's record The image opens up an extraordinary pattern.


郭斯彥 Kuo, Sy-Yen

Prof. Kuo is a world-renowned researcher in the area of dependable computing. He has made pioneering contributions to research, education and industry. He also actively participated in the international professional community and served as the IEEE Fellow Committee Judge and Computer Society Vice President.  These efforts have contributed significantly to Taiwan’s visibility and impact on the related fields.


覺文郁 Chueh,Wen-Yuh

deeply cultivating research in the field of machine tools and precision measurement, integrating and leading a cross-field team of industry, academia and research with outstanding R&D results and technical talent cultivation, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, and making outstanding contributions to the development of Taiwan's machinery and manufacturing industry


陳維新 Chen, Wei-Hsin

He devotes himself to green energy and fuel research, leads international biomass torrefaction research and development, actively promotes the development of clean energy and energy-saving innovation in the industry, and makes outstanding contributions to the cultivation of domestic energy and environmental talents and the development and application of sustainable technologies.

陳志勇 Chen, Chih-Yung

Professor Chen is a pioneer and doer in circular economy technology, developed the world's leading supercritical recyclable foam material, and built Taiwan's first carbon capture and utilization pilot plant; established two start-up company to provide innovation energy to the industry. He has made remarkable contributions to environmental sustainability field.


童國倫 Tung, Kuo-Lun

Dr. Tung has been dedicated to the R & D of high-efficiency separation technology for two decades, the world's first destructive innovative inorganic membrane is obtained. Thus earning internationally recognized academic reputation, and also successfully commercialized the established start-up companies. With the significant industrial performance, this technology made outstanding contributions to the sustainability of water resources and the environment.


李國賓 Lee, Gwo-Bin

Prof. Lee invented nano- and micro-fluidic biochip techniques for fast diagnoses of seasonal and epidemic infectious diseases and automatic screening of artificial antibodies (aptamers and peptides). He also developed a new electromagnetic thermos-therapeutic device using electromagnetically heated stainless-steel needle arrays to treat tumors. His works on these subjects have been transferred to several companies and contributed significantly to local biotech industry.


張乾琦 Chang, Chien-Chi

He has been engaged in reportage photography for more than 30 years and has continued to receive international recognition. In the past ten years, he created his works with deeply humane care and unique aesthetics through the exploration of video and sound carried out on the basis of photography. He really opens up an extraordinary pattern for recording images.