TECO Granted "Smart Machinery Golden Award"


TECO Electric & Machinery has been granted "Smart Machinery Golden Award" by the Industrial Development Bureau (IDB), under the Ministry of Economic Affairs, in acknowledgement of its dedication to automated manufacturing, as embodied by its " automated motor stator manufacturing center" at its Chungli plant in Taoyuan City, for which it has invested over US$10 million. 

Since inauguration at the end of 2016, the center has been furnished with three flexible smart production lines, boosting the capacity of the Chungli plant by 19%, for producing energy-conserving and environment-friendly IE3/IE4 products, with annual output value reaching NT$240 million.

The award is designed to encourage industrial upgrading from precision machinery to smart machinery by selecting exemplary enterprises for emulation by others. TECO has been granted the honor for a number of self-developed key smart technologies applied in the "flexible smart motor production line," including

1. integrated systematic capability: integrating ERP (enterprise resource planning), MES (manufacturing execution system), manpower deployment system, inter-machine shop logistics system, equipment automation, and communications system; 

2. planning and execution capability for equipment monitoring system and CPS (manufacturing execution system).

3. big-data linkage capability: linkage and utilization of industrial IoT (Internet of things), peripheral computing platform, big-data database, and ERP.

4. design and application of machine vision in industrial robots and quality inspection.

TECO reported that the inauguration of smart production line has significantly enhanced equipment capacities and slashed costs resulting from production-line failure.

Smart production line can not only meet the market need of "mass customization" but will also become the core competitiveness of manufacturing industry in the future. Sophia Chiu, TECO chairperson, noted that smart manufacturing has helped the company win the trust and support of customers in the production of electric-car motors. After the "flexible smart motor production line" comes on line, the number of equipment has been cut by 30% and cost by 10%.

In line with the corporate vision of "energy conservation, emission reduction, smart application, and automation," TECO, in addition to smart manufacturing, will integrate the resources of the group, plus cooperation with academia, making the smart production line a major guidepost for all the factories of the group. Moreover, it will forge a professional team for system integration, thereby tapping the business potential of smart manufacturing service."