The 2024 campus recruitment event kicked off today


The 2024 campus recruitment event commenced today (2nd) on Royal Palm Blvd. at National Taiwan University. This year, the TECO Group has unveiled nearly 200 job vacancies, predominantly in fields such as mechanical and electrical engineering, energy storage system planning and field management, and international talents. The event attracted numerous young students to TECO’s booth, where they eagerly filled out application forms to join TECO's talent pool. TECO emphasized its focus on recruiting professionals with capabilities in energy engineering and electrification markets in Southeast Asia, along with individuals possessing international perspectives and proactive, outstanding talents.


In recent years, TECO has successfully transformed towards electrification and new energy businesses, with the proportion of green energy solutions and energy-saving products steadily increasing. Sales of high-efficiency and energy-saving motors account for approximately eighty percent; nonetheless, TECO has secured the top position in market share for onshore substations EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) in Taiwan's offshore wind power sector. Additionally, TECO actively participates in Taiwan Power Company's Resilient Grid project and has completed the construction of the Longtan Energy Storage System. Consequently, TECO expressed a significant need for talents in energy storage, electrification, field operations and management.


Regarding overseas expansion, TECO is focusing on short-chain supply. In 2023, new production lines were launched in Mexico and India to cater to the North American and Indian markets, respectively. This year, TECO aims to further expand into the Southeast Asian market, reinforcing its presence in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Indonesia. TECO pointed out that the group has various internal and external internship, rotation, and dispatch programs, and this year will recruit more overseas reserve talents, providing excellent and diversified career development opportunities and enriching TECO's pool of international talents.