TECO Granted Taiwan Excellence Awards for 15 Products


TECO Electric & Machinery has staged a stellar performance in 27th Taiwan Excellence Awards, receiving the honor for 15 products featuring high performance, energy conservation, and intelligent IoT applications, the champion in the electromechanical category.  

The award-winning products include electric-car permanent-magnet motor, intelligent air-quality and air-conditioning energy management system for medical institutions, and service-oriented robot, all major achievements of the company's R&D effort in recent years. The award not only underscores their conformance to market needs but also acknowledges the company's technological strength.

From the dedication to high-performance and low-emission green-energy products in the past, TECO has extended its reach to IoT (Internet of Things) application and system integration service in recent years, echoing the government "Five Plus Two Industrial Innovation Plan." Of the company's award-winning products this year, next-generation energy-conserving electric-car motor and smart IE5 variable-frequency permanent-magnet motor for wholly electric injection molding machine are innovative green products. Smart IE5 variable-frequency permanent-magnet motor for wholly electric injection molding machine is a lightweight compact product, over 40% less than traditional model in both size and weight, plus low noise, low energy consumption, and long life. It and motor drive can be connected to a smart monitoring system simultaneously. This is the third year in a row for the next-generation energy-conserving electric-car motor and other related products to win the award. TECO has applied "auxiliary synchronous magnet-resistance permanent-magnet technology in mass production of traction-power modules in Taiwan, which are suited for use in fields with strict limitation on size and weight , such as electric-powered ships, electric cars, and heavy-duty machine tools. The company is setting sights on business opportunities connected with electrical multiple unit (EMU), electric bus, and electric bicycles now.

In line with the industrial trend for the provision of system services and solutions, TECO's HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system has won high acclaim on the market. Four of the company's 15 award-winning products this year are HVAC-related, including the main machine of green-energy DC variable-frequency central air conditioning system, smart Internet-access energy-conserving electric-current vector inverter, cloud-end smart Internet-access carbon-abatement variable-frequency air conditioners, and air-quality and air-conditioning energy management system for medical institutions. TECO can provide customized high-efficiency HVAC system, creating a most cozy space, in terms of temperature, humidity, air cleanness, and air ventilation for factories, office buildings, office buildings, shopping centers, and even medical institutions.

The most eye-catching award-winning item is "smart meal-delivery robot," which embodies TECO's firm grip on drive and electromechanical technology, in combination with other mature technologies. It contains a smart automated guided vehicle (AGV) with some self-developed key components, including control core, integrated electromechanical system, and barrier-avoidance technology. It boasts excellent functions of real-time space positioning, precise traversing capability, and dynamic barrier avoidance. The robot has been applied in some affiliated restaurants of the group and its application will be extended to machine shops of factories, warehousing and logistics, and room service at hotels. It can bear an appearance with design conforming to corporate image for application in service-oriented robotic market, offering complete solutions to customers.