TECO Displays Shipping Motor at Kaohsiung Maritime and Defence Expo


At the biennial Kaohsiung International Maritime and Defence Expo, TECO Group, a leading motor maker in Taiwan,  joined hand with affiliate Yatec Engineering Corp. in displaying a number of shipping-related products, including shipping motor which can be attached with wind turbine and water pump, high-efficiency COP energy-performance chiller, and variable-frequency direct-drive air handling unit (AHU) (booth No. B2219), manifesting the group's intent to tap the shipping market.

Taking advantage of its abundant experience in shipping applications, TECO Electric & Machinery has rolled out various custom solutions. In addition, responding to the government's energy-conservation policy, the company has developed in recent years shipping-use high-efficiency COP energy-performance chiller and variable-frequency direct-drive AHU, with 5 RT-300 RT refrigeration tons, featuring high endurance for oceanic vibration and corrosion. The latter can be tailor-made, creating high energy-performance cozy shipping space.

Backed by credential from many application cases, TECO Group provides shipping-use main propulsion motor, sideways propulsion motor, generator, and various auxiliary motors, which have been installed in the propulsion system of Taiwan's RV Ocean Researcher 5, a major oceanic study ship of Norway, and U.S. aircraft carriers and destroyers. TECO's shipping motors have been certified by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), meeting the most rigorous motor standards, in terms of mechanical strength, safety, and reliability, as well as the requirements of low noise and low vibration. They, therefore, have won extensive acclaim.

Also in display will be shipping-use A510s and F510 inverters, with the former being a high-performance electric-current vector inverter, applicable in heavy-duty loading system, such as power system/crown block/elevator, and the latter a wind-turbine water-pump inverter, applicable in high-polluting and high-humidity working environment, which can control up to eight pumps. The two inverters enable shipping motors to not only attain the functions of driving and variable speed but also high efficiency and energy conservation. 

Taking advantage of its designing and manufacturing prowess for custom motors, TECO Group is poised to contribute to the development of Taiwan's shipping industry by offering most trustworthy integrated services and solutions.