TECO Unveils Brand New AC Servo Drive System for Green Plant Solutions


During the Taipei International Machine Tool Show opening, TECO Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd. unveils new-generation servo product JSDG3, highlighting the exhibition of energy-conservation solutions, under the theme "green smart factory," capable of up to 30% power saving at the booth of TECO Group.

        Kao Fei-yuan, president of TECO's Green Mechatronic Solution Business Group, points out that with carbon trading scheduled for launch in Taiwan this year, local carbon emission will incur a cost, at a time when Taiwan's power rates are expected to rise further, due to increasing demands, making energy conservation and carbon abatement a critical issue for heavy power consumers. To help local manufacturers cope with the challenge, TECO has continued rolling out optimal machine tool-related products and solutions, contributing to materialization of green smart factory.

JSDG3 an optimal partner for processing equipment

        With response bandwidth topping 3.2 KHz, the new-generation servo product JSDG3 is applicable to various equipment, including bag-making machine, cutting-sealing machine, sealing machine, machine tool, and metal processing equipment, capable of shortening positioning time and boosting the performance of machine equipment significantly. 

        Moreover, according to equipment status, JSDG3, equipped with auto-tuning function, can automatically adjust path distance and speed planning, coupled with friction compensation and compensation calculation for resonance inhibition, effectively curtailing equipment vibration and noise, to assure system's stable operation and optimize management efficiency.

New motor series T-HiPro featuring environmental friendly

        In line with the growing environment-protection awareness among manufacturers worldwide, TECO launches new low-carbon, high-voltage motor T-HiPro+ series, capable of boosting power density by 40% and cutting carbon footprint by 30%.

       In addition, it is furnished with a patented insulation system, boosting its peak-endurance pulse voltage by 33%, facilitating variable frequency, which can cut volatile organic substance by 22%. It also boasts lower starting current and optimized heat-dissipation system, further making equipment power saving.

TECO IE5 permanent-magnet motor boasts high performance and power saving

        As a leader of high-performance motor in Taiwan, TECO pioneered the launch IE5 permanent-magnet motor, featuring compact size, high efficiency, and rapid response, applicable to various high rotational-speed and high-precision equipment, including milling machine, metal-cutting machine, and oil-hydraulic machine, capable of boosting output by 5-10% and process stability by 30%. Moreover, TECO's IE5 motor offers good output performance in a wide operating range covering low speed and high speed, not only improving energy conservation but also output and quality.

Energy-conservation solution for equipment variable-speed control

        With Taiwan's power-rate hike scheduled for implementation in April, TECO rolls out "energy-conservation equipment speed control solution," featuring ultra-high performance IE5/IE4 motors, equipped with inverter, capable of variable-speed control according to customers' process demand and system load, thereby attaining up to 30% power saving. TECO also urges switch to direct-drive permanent-magnet motors and inverter, so as to enhance transmission efficiency. After equipment with direct-drive system, cooling-water tower, for instance, can skip gear reducer and belt pulley, leading to 18% power saving.


        TECO stated that it is committed to providing lower-carbon and more energy-efficient solutions for Taiwan's industries, continuously improving technological advantages and innovation capabilities, promoting the industrial automation process, and collaborating with Taiwan's manufacturing industry towards an energy-saving and sustainable future.