2019 TECO Green Tech International Contest


2019 TECO Green Tech International Contest

Idea matching: Innovations to fill gap of energy demands

As the increasing of energy consumption from industrial activities, extreme weather as the result comes to our daily life. Human needs the fruit from economic growth, but at the same time worries about the health of mother earth. We have a duty to fill energy demand gap with a sustainable solution. And we also must act to preserve resources with our best effort.

TECO’s “Green Tech” international innovation competition is built as the platform for idea matching among young teams. Started from 12 years ago with more than 10 thousand participations, 400 ideas were delivered to this competition and it becomes one of the most attended green technology event in Taiwan. This year co-hosted by CPC Corporation, more 100 ideas are proposed from teams in USA, China, Russia, Japan, India, Indonesia, Denmark, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. 42 best teams are invited to Taiwan for final contest with their prototypes. Moreover, this year we review these ideas with business values and business models that could bring them to commercial. Special thanks to LEKO friends, Teco Image Systems (TIS) and Creative Sensor Inc. for their donation and efforts creating Green Tech Award with us.

We feel most excited that 13 Taiwanese teams are willing to join “International Cup” which is a direct, head to head competition with the best teams from other countries. 301 teachers and students are invited to join final contest after preliminary of 100 ideas from 68 schools. Again thanks to 16 independent judges and CPC for their support and participations. We hope everyone bring home not only with the awards they deserve, but also a fulfilling memory from this competition.