The 24th ceremony of “TECO AWARD”


     The 24th ceremony of “TECO AWARD” was held on November 4th to honor the domestic elites with outstanding performance and contribution in various fields.  “TECO AWARD” is truly the witness of technology development and humanism achievement in Taiwan.  The recipients not only achieved the highest level of innovation in their own fields but also made direct contribution to the society.

     This year, Dr. James C. Liao, President of Academia Sinica of Taiwan, was invited to present “TECO AWARD” to five recipients in the category of technology.  Each recipient was awarded a trophy along with 8 hundred thousand dollars.  The recipient, Dr. Yao-We Chang is devoted to doing research in electronic design automation (EDA) and manufacturability; he was recognized as a pioneer in the field of microelectronics and EDA by the most influential media-EE Times.  Dr. Chih-Ming Kao has dedicated to advance the technologies including green remediation, contaminated land restoration, environmental risk assessment and management.  Dr. Yei-Chin Chao led his team to break export license constraints by indigenously developing the HPT system with successful altitude tests of NSRP #8; he had lifted the independence level of national space technology and enhanced the flexibility of high-precision self-sustained defense technology.  Dr. Tung-Han Chuang has devoted to the development of high performance metallic materials and their applications in electronic packages for long years; his invention in annealing twinned Ag-alloy wire has solved the long-time industrial dilemmas of workability, reliability and cost in packaging wires.  Dr. Ching-Ho Hsieh, his team has helped established an iPS stem cell bank that can be used in the development of cutting-edge bio construction.

“TECO AWARD” not only focuses on science and technology but also cares about humanism aspect.  The award for the humanism category targets the performing art of dance in 2017.  It was granted to Ms. Chen-Wei Lee considered internationally as the super nova of contemporary dance in her 30s.  All recipients have endeavored in upgrading Taiwan’s competitiveness and making the talent pool built by TECO more abundant.

Sophia Chiu, President of TECO Group, made her speech at the award ceremony.  She stressed that “with the fast spread of new mobile internet era, industry development changed rapidly: cloud computing has become both a source of innovation and a mean to accelerate change of business.  Artificial intelligence has made significant impact on human life.  In the meantime, we have to face the problems in energy resources, water resources, environmental protection, medical treatment and natural disaster relieve.  TECO insists in contributing to the environmental protection and the development of energy-saving technology. Moreover, TECO will make best effort to promote higher living standard and better social progress with all recipients.”.

For 24 years, “TECO AWARD” has been set to promote the vision of “synergy of humanism and science”.  Till 2017, over NT$70 million was granted to 132 elites in the fields of science and humanism.  Take the recipients of this year as examples.  Dr. Tung-Han Chuang has made great contribution in various areas by successfully transferring innovative technologies.  Dr. Yei-Chin Chao has long-term involvement in new energy and energy-saving research for advanced satellite propulsion system and makes great impact in combustion science.  Another example is Dr. Chih-Ming Kao who has been devoted to promoting circular economy and developing a series of innovative remediation.  Achievements of these recipients are materializing the concept of “TECO GO ECO” which is the main theme to be focused by entire TECO Group.