TECO has a solution to the rising electricity prices and energy-saving solutions have grown 30% since May


Taipower has announced the electricity rates will be raised by an average of 8.4% and 15% for energy-heavy industries. As the energy and electricity costs for businesses are rising, TECO (1504) has announced today that it has launched low-carbon smart solutions for factories last year to save electricity, reduce costs, and reduce carbon emissions step by step. According to statistics from TECO, energy-saving products and services have a year-over-year growth of 30%. Its annual revenue is expected to reach NT$4 billion.

TECO’s Green Mechatronic Solution Business Group has launched the customized solutions since last year, featuring green products and assisting clients in replacing all kinds of factory equipment with high-efficiency motors and inverters. It includes ventilation, air-conditioning, water supply, and compressed air systems. With power system status visualization for dynamic monitoring, the clients can tremendously reduce power usage and carbon emissions during production. According to general manager Fei-Yuan Kao, whether it is for the installation in new factories or renovation in old ones, TECO can provide high-efficiency sensing motors or permanent motors according to clients’ needs and save energy by 2-8%. When used with inverters, the operating system can save energy up to 50%. Plus, TECO IE5 Ultra High-Efficiency Cooling Water Tower Permanent Magnet Direct Drive System can enhance the drive system’s efficiency by 15%, resulting in more energy-efficient cooling tower operation.

Factory Equipment


Energy-saving Efficiency

Dynamic Dual Solution

High Efficiency Sensing Motor

High Efficiency Permanent Motor


2-8 %

Control Equipment

Medium and Low Voltage Inverters

Up to 50%

Cooling Tower

IE5 Ultra High Efficiency Cooling Water Tower Permanent Magnet Direct Drive System

Up to 15%

TECO said the energy-saving products and services have a received great market response since their release, showing the urgent needs of the clients. The revenue from January to May is around NT$1.2 billion and the annual revenue in this category is expected to reach NT$4 billion.

 In addition to energy-saving products and services, TECO's comprehensive solution provides green power creation and energy storage system construction, including TECO's waste heat recovery power generating system. It can evaluate the recovery benefits of waste heat above 80 degrees Celsius and turn low and medium-temperature waste heat recovery into green power. Through energy generation, energy storage, energy-saving, energy visualization management, and transmitting vibration and temperature data through the Internet of Things, the client can monitor the health condition of equipment in real-time and ensure that the energy efficiency of equipment is in the best condition.

TECO pursues sustainable development and has already achieved the Group's goal of reducing emissions by 20% in 10 years ahead of schedule in 2021, and vows to reach its latest goal of 50% emissions reduction in 10 years in 2030. TECO says it will keep up with the world's industrial trends to create a sustainable city with net-zero carbon emissions, and provide clients with complete solutions for low-carbon smart factories and green power system solutions to realize the Group's vision of energy-saving, emissions reduction, intelligence, and automation.