Upgrading of traditional industries via smart manufacturing TECO pioneers reform of smart application for industrial chain.


3D Visual-Sensor Robotic Arm  Automated Guided Vehicle  Smart System  March Towards Industry 4.0 

TECO Electric and Machinery Co., Ltd. inaugurated on July 1 "motor stator automated production center," with over US$10 million of cost for establishment, which consists of robotic arms with 3D visual sensors, automated guided vehicles (AGVs), and automated coil winding machines, forming the largest and most complete industrial motor smart production line in Asia. TECO has put in place the cutting-edge production line, in cooperation with its affiliate Information Technology Total Service (ITTS) and Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), as well as 10-odd local enterprises, plus government support. Sophia Chiu, TECO chairperson, pointed out that smart production line is critical for the survival of manufacturing industries in Taiwan, as their competitiveness in the future lie in custom mass production. TECO will duplicate its experience in smart production line for promotion among other domestic heavy-machinery firms, thereby boosting Taiwan's industrial competitiveness.

As Taiwan's largest and word's third-largest motor manufacturer, TECO has dedicated to the R&D on high-efficiency IE3 and IE4 motors, featuring over 85% fill-in ratio for internal copper wires, for which automated manufacturing is essential, as it is very difficult to assure reliable quality for manual wiring once the fill-in ratio exceeds 75%. Sophia Chiu believed that the establishment of smart automated and flexible production line is inevitable for Taiwan's manufacturing industry, in order to retain its international competitiveness.

The "smart flexible automated motor production line" boasts reduction of equipment by 30% and cost by 10%, tripling overall efficiency. Output of IE3 motors is expected to hit 220,000 units a year, up from 100,000 now, raising its share in the company's revenue to 70% in 2018, up from 2017's 55%. In addition to higher efficiency, reliability and process stability will also improve, upgrading quality control substantially.

During the process for the establishment of smart production line, TECO invested heavily in R&D on related equipment and technology and plans to duplicate the exemplary production line in the company's other production bases and even launch "smart manufacturing service" for other companies. Sophia Chiu noted that as a company in the traditional industry, TECO's experience in smart manufacturing can help local small and medium enterprises embrace smart manufacturing, achieving maximum benefits at minimum cost.

In addition to the exhibition of smart manufacturing, TECO's Chungli plant employs massively the company's own smart motors, management platform for the health of electromechanical equipment, manufacturing execution system (MES), and energy management system (EMS), adding the function of energy conservation and emission reduction to the smart production line.