TECO Puts Forth Smart Factory Solution


In line with the global Industry 4.0 current, TECO Group puts forth smart-factory solutions during Taipei International Industrial Automation Exhibition 2019, held at  Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1, Aug. 21-24. 

The solutions include IoT (Internet of things)-based monitoring system for factory operation and equipment, capable of maintenance/repair forecast for machinery equipment, energy saving for electromechanical equipment, mutual diagnosis, and auto dispatching. TECO stresses that drawing on the group's technological prowess in motor, inverter, electric control system, power management, and production-line management, it can offer tailor-made solutions to customers.

The solutions are offered jointly by TECO Electric & Machinery and several affiliates, including Information Technology Total Services (ITTS), Tecom Co., Ltd., and YATEC Engineering Corp .

TECO's exhibition, at booth L410, consists of four major sections, namely key components for motive system, solution for electric-control system, management system for smart production line, and smart power management system, all featuring IoT technology and big-data analysis, capable of helping traditional factories upgrade their operations to smart manufacturing at minimum cost and shortest time.

On the heels of previous meal-delivery robot, a tour-guide robot of TECO debuts at the fair, roaming in the booth to give visitors instructions. Its fun appearance, agile movement, and lively narration win the heart of many people. In addition to audio service, its tablet-PC screen on the chest displays many text information and dynamic images, deepening the impression of visitors. The robot can navigate various environments and fields easily, thanks to the functions of optical-radar scanning, mapping, and barrier avoidance, outperforming rival brands.

Also on display is "AIoT" smart manufacturing service of ITTS, providing such functions as "abnormality detection," "maintenance/repair forecast," and "smart dispatching," for various motor equipment at factories. At an on-site simulation, visitors can see in breakdown chart motor abnormality information and ascertain maintenance/repair components by wearing an AR (augmented reality) glasses. The system, featuring visualized management, consists of PdMS software and MES (manufacturing execution system) module, developed by ITTS.   

The self-developed electromechanical energy-saving management system can attain custom power-consumption management, according to attributes of equipment. It can judge the quality of product appearance via AI assistance, plus cloud-end visualized management and real-time monitoring. At TECO's motor plant, the system attains saving of NT$20 million annually in power bill and cuts CO2 emission by 2,500 metric tons.

Tecom debuts VB-900 vibrometer, integrating vibration detection, display, and diagnosis, the only such model on the market, which is applicable in smart factory.