TECO Stages Topmost Performance in 2021 Taiwan Excellence Awards


TECO Electric & Machinery stages a stellar performance in 2021 Taiwan Excellence Awards, winning the honor for 14 products, the highest among 210 Taiwanese enterprises in the contest.  In addition, the Smart ultrasonic spray anti-epidemic mobile robot is shortlisted by the Gold Award.  

Many of the award-winning products embody the company's vision of "energy conservation, emission reduction, intelligence, and automation," marking a step forward towards the ultimate of goal of "carbon neutrality," including e-bus high-power, High Power and High Voltage e-Powertrain for Evs, industrial-use intelligent-monitoring high power-density, Smart Monitoring VHPD with Forced Cooling LV Motor, IE3 Premium Efficiency Flameproof Motor, Variable Speed Energy Saving PM Motor for HVAC, Smart Low Noise Motor for Circulating Water Pump. A number of the company's automation products were acknowledged by the awards, such as High-precision collaborative robot joint module, High power density networked DC servo drive, Smart ultrasonic spray anti-epidemic mobile robot, Intelligent delivery service robot, Intelligent following vehicle system, Smart multiple functional logistic system. Since its debut in 2018, the company has applied its self-developed AGV in the development of service-oriented robots, many of which have been acknowledged by Taiwan Excellence Awards. The company is extending its application to the development of collaborative robots.

Among the company's widely popular air-conditioning products, three were granted the awards this year, namely Green Smart DC inverter chiller, Smart networking sensible heat air conditioner, and Smart multi purifier inverter air conditioner.