Sophia Chiu Exercises Alongside Underprivileged Children at TECO Sports Meeting


At the invitation of the company, 80 children from a number of charities in Taipei took part in the TECO annual sports meeting, held on Oct. 26 (Saturday) at the gymnasium of Takming University of Science and Technology.

The company held its corporate sports meeting this year in the form of public service, with the theme "marching forward hand-in-hand with the company of TECO," in the hope of having a good time with those underprivileged children. In sportswear and sneakers, chairman Sophia Chiu and other managers competed with employees and those children in various games, including ring toss, racing, ball playing, and balancing, laughing, cheering, and jumping. A total of NT$40,000 prize money was dole out, including NT$10,000 for the champion team. Everyone had a happy weekend.

The event is in line with TECO's tradition contributing to public service, similar to various public-service activities carried out by the company over the past years, including events on innovation, energy conservation, aboriginal education, and environmental sustainability held by the TECO Technology Foundation, sponsorship for rice paddies, rice donation, and beach cleaning. In fact, public service has become an integral part of the company's management. As a result, the company has encouraged its employees to engage in public-service events, giving them three-day paid leave a year for undertaking voluntary public-service works.