TECO Covered by S&P Sustainability Yearbook for 4th Straight Year


TECO Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd. once again received recognition from the international sustainability institution, being selected for the S&P Global 2024 Sustainability Yearbook. Its overall score has progressed compared to last year, particularly receiving high marks in innovation management, supply chain management, business ethics, and talent development programs.


The 2024 Sustainability Yearbook was compiled on the basis of the latest evaluation results of Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI), which also incorporates TECO for the fourth year in a row. The company ranks first place in the electromechanical category of the Dow Jones Sustainability Emerging Markets Index


In recent years, TECO has spared no effort in pushing the "50% emission reduction in 10 years" program, scheduled for completion by 2030, mainly via measures in the four aspects of energy conservation/energy generation, emission reduction, recycling, and substitution, including energy conservation in manufacturing process and installation of rooftop solar power systems in its factory premises worldwide, in the hope of having TECO Group's renewable-energy capacity meet30% of its power consumption volume by 2030. In 2023, green energy already accounted for 30% of the company's total revenue. In climate governance, the company has embraced KPI & ICP quantified performance evaluations, in order to boost climate awareness among the rank-and-file. As for green supply chain management, the company has asked its major local suppliers to carry out greenhouse-gas inventory, for which it assisted over 50 SMEs complete the task in 2023, in order to attain emission-data transparency for the supply chain and contribute to the cause of net-zero emission, thereby materializing the vision of a sustainable supply chain.


As for talent cultivation, under the auspices of digital transformation, TECO renovated its educational and training system in 2023, offering 17,579.7 hours of digital-learning courses, up 31% per capita than the previous year. In social education, in order to have the concept of energy conservation and emission reduction take root in the local society, the company held "innovative green-brain competition" for elementary and high school student, plus "international net-zero emission technology competition" for college students, encouraging young people to engage in R&D on emission-reduction technologies. It also held "TECO Award," acknowledging the contributions of people in the aspects of technology and humanities, in order to foster the formation of a progressive society with equal emphasis on both.