TECO 65th looks to the future focusing on
core technology development, digital technology shall be applied to take on
business opportunities in Smart Manufacturing, Smart Energy, and Smart City.
In sync with global trend, we move towards sustainable operation.

From the Chairman

Starting from the motor plant in Sanchungpu 65 years ago, TECO has become an international mechanical and electronics company with presence in five continents. Responding to the domestic demands of economic development and keeping in line with the rapid changes in international industrialization, we have always stayed true to our spirit of innovation and transformation, with an aim to implement our visions of Energy Conservation, Emissions Reduction, Intelligence, and Automation.

Standing on the shoulder of giants, we are now enjoying the fruits of the labors of TECO predecessors, and likewise we must work harder for our future generations. This year, we set up unmanned assembly and machine finishing lines in Chungli Plant, inaugurated the exclusive EV powertrain production line, followed the EV powertrain with E-bus powertrain system, won EPC contracts for onshore substations of offshore wind farms exceeding 2GW in scale, and responded to the Air Conditioned Classrooms project for elementary and middle schools in 20 counties and cities nationwide.

Looking to the future, TECO aims to build on the core technologies of mechatronics, energy engineering, and household and air conditioning appliances, and move towards business developments in Smart Manufacturing, Smart Energy, and Smart City. Most importantly, we must be well-prepared for the industrial revolution brought about by Carbon Neutrality and 5G Technology, sync with global trends and work towards sustainable operation.

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  • P.E. President

    P.E. President

    J.George Lien

    Executive Office

  • General Manager

    General Manager

    Kao Fei-yuan

    Electromechanical System and Automation Business Group

  • General Manager

    General Manager

    Chang Sung-pin

    Smart Energy Business Group

  • General Manager

    General Manager

    Peng Chi-tseng

    Air Conditioning & Smart Life Business Group

1+1>2 with Mechatronics

Electromechanical products bring force to industries and people's livelihood, with the global trend of carbon neutrality and energy conservation, carbon reduction has become the focus of electromechanical product developments. In addition to high-efficiency motor, TECO has long contributed to EV and green energy. In the future, TECO will continue to push forward in energy conservation, emissions reduction, and clean energy, but with a twist in going deeper into the systems; on top of providing more efficient and intelligent products, we will provide more straightforward solutions both in industrial power and e-vehicles. In the future, we want clients to see TECO as the go-to brand for any problems they may have!

In terms of developments in the global electromechanical market, in addition to high-efficiency and green energy application, practicing energy conservation and emissions reduction is key. By combining the electrification and automation departments at TECO, a new division is formed. Internally, we can integrate relevant resources and achieve 1+1>2 effect, while externally, we can respond to market trends with better flexibility and provide better corresponding products. For example, coupling our existing mechatronics capacity with IoT and automation, we can fulfill market demands with great flexibility in the current mainstream e-vehicle related products and high-efficiency system.

Clients generally see our company as traditional industry, when in fact we are filled with soft powers. For research and development, transformation means challenge, and we must enjoy such challenge.

We may not be the fastest and the best in certain developments, but our best quality at TECO is that we are highly mobile. With organizational restructuring and resource pooling, I believe we shall achieve better results with complementary effects. I am confident that we will catch up with leading international brands in the next 3 to 5 years, and reach places we have yet to venture in!

Green Mechatronic Solution Business Group Jason Wang/Linus Hsiao

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Build a sustainable environment with smart energy engineering

Smart energy engineering business group at TECO will mainly focus on three directions in the future. First, in terms of offshore wind power, we will expand from onshore substation to offshore substation general contract; second, we will slowly expand to EPC contract for energy storage systems and even O&M?; third, in regards to the approaching 5G era, EPC contracts will be expanded for IDC electromechanical engineering.

Transformation in smart energy engineering at TECO will move from project contracts to providing clients with total solutions. In the mean time, we will replicate in other Asia-Pacific countries successful stories from Taiwan.

We have accumulated expansive electromechanical engineering and EPC contract experiences over the past three decades, and we can optimize on this basis by providing clients with value engineering and competitive prices. Talents are abundant at TECO, with well-experienced engineers we can fulfill contracts in time with quality, and meet completely the client requirements. The company's financial wellness also enables us to proceed with multiple large-scale projects simultaneously.

I hope to contribute alongside my younger colleagues and make TECO the leading brand in energy industry in Taiwan, so that all new employees can identify with the brand TECO.

Intelligence Energy Business Group Yuan-Zheng Lin

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Smart Life at TECO

Theme I: we sell services, not only air conditioners

TECO household appliance department is combined with affiliated companies to form the Air and Intelligent Life Business Group. In the future, we hope to not only sell air conditioners but provide smart life services for households coupled with after-sales maintenance and repair. We used to develop products based on the product's life cycle, now we look at the product life cycle from the perspective of consumer demands and provide a comprehensive solution accordingly.

In terms of commercial air conditioner, future developments will focus on general indoor air-conditioning, machine room air-conditioning, and refrigeration systems, fulfilling the customized temperature and humidity requirements of clients in varying venues and environment.

Theme II: create business pattern for smart life

We have comprehensive R&D and production plants for household appliances, and we have affiliate company Information Technology Total Services providing advanced IT services, Taiwan Pelican Express providing professional delivery service with smart logistics, and A-OK Technical Service Co., Ltd. providing professional maintenance services, as well as digital telecom companies including TECOM and TECO Smart Technologies. The forces are combined to develop a brand new smart service platform for household appliances, which will become a one-stop service platform. Product diagnosis service is also provided, become a provider of inverter products and air solutions, providing business clients with proactive intelligence and 24/7 housekeeping service for various management and control systems, and services of maintenance forecast and failure alert, all of which can be customized according to companies or general clients demands.

Theme III: from product-centric to consumer-centric

We are one of the few household appliance brands pioneer in marketing events with social networking and instant messaging services. We celebrate 65 years at TECO with a young heart and mindset. With new tools, we march towards digital transformation, communicate positively with clients old and new, and create a smarter life for consumers.

The post-pandemic world has sped up in digital transformation, the market sees no boundary. We must break free from the mindset of traditional manufacturing, and look at the market from a start-up perspective. Working with a team that is highly efficient, quick to execute, and extremely flexible, we continue to look for momentum to grow and develop.

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